Insanity DVD: Thoughts from the Mob?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Snowman91, May 31, 2014.

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  1. My training partner was ex Royal Marine and is now back in training for the Reserves.
    As a result my training has lost pace over the last month. For cardio I run 3 miles 5 times a week after work to home and on the fifth day run in combats and boots with a 15kg pack, but when it comes to body weight exercises such as push ups and sit ups etc I've noticed a serious decline.

    I was looking in to various training routines and thought about scaling down the running and adding the Insanity workout to my routine in the AM for a month or two to kickstart me back in to gear but am dubious about results/efficacy.

    If anyone has completed this training routine or is in the middle of using it, can I get some feedback on positives/negatives relating to fitness for phase 1 rating recruits?
    I am a male, 23, completed my pjft in 10 minutes flat, and can complete the push/sit ups with minimal difficulty. Is there any point trying this?

    Let me know guys.
  2. I can't comment on how it relates to phase 1 training as i haven't done that, but Insanity is a foe of mine haha. On the fit test before day 1 I literally chundered, every day for the first 2 weeks my muscles felt like they were attempting to exit my body via the most painful way, and nearly passed out on one of them. I thought I was fairly fit as well :p i did notice a huge improvement after the 8 weeks in my cardio and strength bits and bobs, wouldn't say it is worth the 100 quid price tag though; try and get it free online or cheap on ebay! I would recommend though for really pushing yourself, just be careful with your form and getting the right nutrition so no injuries.
  3. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    As long as you can iron your shirt to A4 size on completion, no dramas.

    Just the thoughts of a blonde, ex wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up!
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If your friend was in the Royal Marines as a trained rank, he would not need to train in preparation to join the RMR - unless he has spent a long time eating pies, sat on his arse. In other words he was probably a failed recruit.

    For RN, just follow the Pre-joining fitness programme & you will be fit enough to commence initial training. If you can complete the RN pjft in less than 8 mins 30 secs, you'll be fitter than most, but not necessarily the fittest in your intake. You cannot be too fit.
  5. Insanity / p90x etc = Shouty American hype bullshit circuits you can create yourself without having to hand over £100 for the privelage of watching a douchebag shout at other douchebags on the telly.
    The funny thing is, everyone I know who's handed over money for these things is still fat.

    A fool and his money are easily parted.
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  6. Tenner on ebay, paying 100 ain't nobody got time for that. If you stick to it you will get somewhere, if you buy it as a coffee table centrepiece to impress visitors then most likely you'll remain fatty mc unfit. Its good if you follow the plan each day so you work different body bits, i put on weight (hopefully muscle?) but went down 2 dress sizes and made my run time and that better- felt like Arnie or Rocky i did!
  7. Phys is free.
  8. How many people beast themselves to the point of physical and mental exhaustion though. If you're good like you then you're fine but for us naturally lazy ones nothing better than a hench black guy shouting at you in your living room to do one more set!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To be honest, training partners & outdoor phys is better than watching telly.
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  10. Yeah but if you are a sad loner then training with just friends is a pipedream :p not saying its the best option but just as i have done it thought the OP would like to know what its like. Most other ways to get fit are better but yeah it does the job fitness wise if looking for something to whip you up quickly. I ran to the chinese after the final one if that counts as outdoor excercise? :D
  11. I know a lot of people won't believe this but there are more than a few fat Royal Marines. Im not talking about medical downgrades just Booties that have lost there way a bit lol. Which could be why he went outside in the first place.
  12. Why settle for Shaun T when you can have Big Poppa Pump:

    Anyway, PayPal £10 my way and I'll whatsApp you a motivational video myself.
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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've no doubt they exist, particularly in Commando Logs away from a fighting unit, but if a trained rank were discharged for failing to meet the fitness standards, they would not normarily be accepted back into the RM or RMR.

    If someone left the Corps under normal circumstances and let their fitness lapse, then later wanted to join the RMR, they would need to get themselves up to BFT standard, but the majority of those joining the RMR as a trained rank are already at that standard. Failed recruits? Totally different mindset, far more likelly to let training lapse & they would need to get themselves fit enough to pass PRMRC before entering into RMR Recruit Training.
  14. I dont think very many people have ever paid £100 for it just get on kick ass torrents. But even if they did spend £100 on it yes they could probably get the results themselves but would they do it by themselves? If you spend £100 and get the results you want its probably £100 well spent.

  15. I think they have, otherwise 'Beachbody' wouldn't be a huge multinational company.
  16. So the general attitude is "Give it a go but as long as you can do the 8 week training programme don't worry". My fitness is good enough to do the PJFT, and my run time is average. But as you said NS, you can never be too fit.

    Also to settle the debate he was a marine for 5 years, but left for a civie life with his lady friend. He got lax on his diet and exercise as he had nothing to train for, then decided he still wanted in the marines so is now running off the pasties ready for (re)training.
    Cheers guys.
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  17. Ok I will rephrase that the navy is full of pikeys and I do not know one person who has bought it. Just go on kick ass torrents like everyone else.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Cheers for the clarification. There by the grace of God go many of us. The good news is he knows only too well the standard expected of a trained rank Royal - I've seen a few lads fail the PJFT upon re-entry which is rather embarrassing for them. The big issue for trained Royals rejoining is usually BMI at the re-entry medical - particularly if they have undergone "Op Massive" since completing recruit training. There are often tears, frustration & rude words.

    My advice? RN recruits really don't need to be at the fitness level expected of a trained rank Royal - the fitter you join, the better, but be careful you don't break bits and good luck.

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