Inquests to be held in secret, at Minister's whim...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. ....sound familiar? Not satisfied at having got away with it in respect of the armed forces earlier, according to the Times (12 August 2008, p3; comment p2) fresh attempts are being made where the govrenment deems that a public inquest would be against 'the public interest'. Whose public interest?
  2. It strikes me that "Anti-Terror" is the save all clause for introducing laws that fundamentaly change the rights and priveliges that British people have been entitiled to for centuries.

    We had far more "terror" during the IRA era and the Conservatives never felt it their right to infringe our civil liberties in the same manner as these lot.
  3. The snag is the current tories are just as bad as the incumbents in this particular area, and the tabloids are cheering them on...
  4. I know where you're coming from, but it's all getting a bit 1984 and one wonders how we can all put a stop to it.
  5. In fact, we've already got a ministry of justice, only seems a matter of time before we get a ministry of love, information etc...
  6. Unfortunately I think it's a vicious circle, there is little incentive to encourage the educated, informed and aware electorate that's needed for a healthy democracy. Instead we have to make do with the sham we currently have.

  7. Seems to be part of the general degeneration in society in this country. Politics doesn't sell when Keeley, 20, from Bromley is on the front page snogging some other B-list celeb.

    As has been said before, another major concern is career politicians, with no expertise other than politics. They want more money, more perks and will go to amazing lengths to prolong their time at the top, which is all that matters to them. Certainly not you or I, the common electorate. :tp:
  8. This is a worrying turn, even for Noo Lie Bore. They are now officially kicking the arrse out of the anti-terror stuff. It is the beginning of the end for this particular strand of democracy. I'm off to join the secret police. The erosion of our freedom has to stop. Will DC and his gang improve anything? Doubtful. We need a completely new batch.

    A group who cut thru the PC crap, who can spot a bad egg, who are self regulating and debate the issues of the da..............hang on a minute.

    Ring any bells?

    "Hig for PM" is the cry. OK maybe not, but it's worth thinking about.
  9. Jeremy Clarkson would get my vote
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    No more public inquests on any MP found suffocated with an orange in his mouth ..

    This measure will now be used to keep out of the public eye any inquest which might discredit a minister. As a minimum ministers ought to have to go to a judge and argue the case, with the NoK represented.
  11. Gets my vote!! Imagine The Hig vetting newbie politicians! Excellent.
  12. Actually, I think Grubber has a point. Sorry Hig.
    JC is the man.

    I'm off to increase my carbon footprint.

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