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Discussion in 'Hobbies & The Great Indoors' started by cúnt, Jan 31, 2012.

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  1. Anyone looking for light-weight clobber for fell-running should take a look at the inov8 range.

    Being an R&R millionaire I bought two pairs of trainers from them- one for off-route running (TERROC 330) and one for road-running (F-LITE 230). For anyone who runs 'pose' or lands on the forefoot or midsole these are bloody brilliant as they have almost no heel. The number of the shoe is actually their weight in grams so as you can see they're incredibly light. The treads are quite pronounced so you're not going to be slipping in a rush (and if you want proper gnarly soles they do race shoes that fit the bill).

    Also I got a waterbottle carrier/bumbag thing, that typically I detest. This one (inov8 elite 3) has a couple of tiny pockets for a gps/phone and a bag of nuts etc.

    Have a look at Untitled Document and prepare to spend your money :) For the race-style footwear go up a half size if you have wide feet. All the rest are pretty spot on for sizing (it's a UK company so I think they cater for Brit feet.
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  2. For this 'Pose' running technique, did you teach yourself it or have you gone somewhere to learn it? Very interested in changing to it as my running form is currently shite and always end up coming away with a fcuked knee or shin.
  3. I taught myself from a DVD and book. take it slow, but it rocks. I think Monty has had a go at the same or similar technique.
  4. Was it the book from posetech? Also, will it leave all these expensively padded running shoes I've bought obsolete?
  5. Pose is awesome and I've been running like it for 5 years now. At first it feels like the most honking calf work out ever and you feel a bit self conscious that you look a dick, but after a couple of months it becomes natural and frankly, it owns.

    If you start out trying Pose wear trainers with very little cushioning as it encourages you to run on your forefoot, I'm looking at Saucony Hattori as my next running shoe.

    Never tried Innov8 but have heard good things about them, will consider.
  6. Jacko- posetech is THE place to go for media. Their forum is pretty good too. If I lived near an instructor I would absorb the DVD/book then grab a lesson.

    Monty- those Hattori jobs look the bollocks. There is a barefoot shoe from inov-8 too. Worth a look as they are silly light.
  7. Shit I just splashed £70 on some ridiculously cushioned shoes as I believe everything that's said to me and was told I needed them. Shall try and pick out the grit from last night and take them back.... I'm guessing I shouldn't just go straight to wearing Vibram 5 fingers then?
  8. As it seems to be quite reliant on thin to no support footwear, is this technique able to be used when running with boots on?
  9. Double post
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  10. You may well need them, it doesn't mean by buying them you've fucked up. Pose is just a different technique and there's no guarantee it will work for you or you'd like it anyway. If you need cushioned shoes you are more than likely to have high arches which may mean you underpronate and would struggle with pose anyway.

    As per the other, running in boots is bad for you, don't do it!
  11. You perhaps shouldn't rush in to Pose. You need to take it very slowly, and depending where you are with your fitness, and RN career should leave it till you have time to have 2 months due to bad strains etc.

    I run pose irrespective of footwear. Boots would get in the way during pose build-up, but once you run properly you will realise you don't point your feet to land forefoot and running with a load with clogs on would be fine.

    For learning pose, take the existing pair of worn-out trainers you have (rougher the better) and learn with them. There will be sufficient heel to protect when you take a step wrong, and they are flat enough to not get in the way.
  12. Thanks very much Cúnt and Monty! Have ordered the book and will give that a crack as soon as.
  13. tam


    cúnt, they sound like the dogs-bollocks, do you have any piccies as I have never seen a baboon in trainers?
  14. I have a pair of inov 8's and Adidas Kanadia's for trail running. I also run pose and self taught. No DVD though. Best thing I did was to change my technique. My training partner does as well. He also use inov8's and his misses barefoot runs. Again both self taught.

    I do hate companies saying they sell barefoot shoes. Barefooters don't wear shoes hence the barefoot. It's minimalist shoes not barefoot shoes. Running world tweeted that the other day to which I corrected them on.

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  15. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    If I may chip in - after feeling like a lumbering hippo whilst running I went online and watched videos of professional athletes run. Wasn't hard to see that they never heel-strike but run on the forefoot. I sort of self-taught and whilst I'm sure I'm still not doing it entirely right, I've found I'm faster and feel lighter. It was hard not to revert back to heel-strike at times as it feels very weird and makes your calves take a lot of strain, but after a while you notice a difference.

    As for the technical running gear... I just use a pair of Asics. :shock: That's as tech as I get.
  16. The trainer who supervised me for the timed run told me off for running "wrong" and kept saying make sure I always go heel first... uncomfortable.
  17. He sounds a tit and not very good at his easy job.
  18. I wondered why I pulled a muscle about a minute in... and the tosser then "had" to stretch it out by getting on top of me... sneaky. Respect.
  19. Into equestrianism is he?
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  20. If anything I resemble a wilder-beast, not a horse, thank you very much.

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