Innocent heart murmur!!!!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by newtonavy, May 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi all, I'm new here so be gentle!!! I'm hoping to join as an ET(WE) passed my RT last month and interview then i had the medical!! the doc said she heard a murmur so wants me to go and have an ECHO!! so i went to my doc who said he couldnt really hear anything but if another professianal says they heard some thing then he's gotta send me to the hospital to see some one for an ECHO problem is its about an 8 month wait!! and my Dr's said the worst he thinks it could be is an innicent murmur!! so if my doc's right and all it is an innocent murmur will that be a bar to entry?? thanks in advance
  2. Can't you go private and get it done sooner? Put the matter to bed so to speak.
  3. An innocent murmur is not a bar to entry, but you need a normal echocardiogram. Basically it's an ultrasound scan of the heart. An 8 month wait is not acceptable - you must be able to get one faster than that.
  4. Is there any chance of you going to a different hospital for the scan, since they might have more space? Or am I being dense here?
  5. sgtpepperband

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    I had a heart murmur diagnosed in infancy, which was not treated in any way; I joined up at 16 without any problems. However last year I did display a rapid heart rate which was noticed by the PMO. He referred me to a local NHS hospital for a series of non-invasive tests, but which resulted in me having an angiogram (this took place withing about 3 weeks of my initial appointment with the PMO). The NHS cardiologist at the time stated that a significant number of people have a heart murmur of some description but nearly all of them are able to live their lives normally, or without noticing any difficulties... :thumbleft:
  6. In my experience as a medic its very common for people to display some sort of irregularity on their ECG trace. A while back i took an ambulance into my partners school to show the kids around and to make them feel less scared if one should show up at their house for whatever reason. At least 3 kids in my missus' class had something irregular going on and they were aged 6-7 years.

    Hopefully its nothing too serious
  7. XRD - never pay any attention to the ECG machine's interpretation of the ECG. It is notoriously inaccurate, and does not apply to children. Because they have thin chest walls, the voltages are always very high and the machine normally interprets that as LVH or axis deviation. Many machines carry a health warning with all interpretations - "Preliminary Report - MD must review".

    Newtonavy is talking about echocardiography, not electrocardiography.

    And yes, many people do have innocent murmurs which cause no problem at all. However, we have to make sure it is innocent first!
  8. Many thanks Doc but sometimes the ECG monitor or mobimed kit is all we have to go with in our line of work. I'm also aware that Paeds are a bloody minefield and that the equipment that we use is a bit dated. Then theres the correct electrode placement and artifact to contend with. Never work with children........ :wink:

  9. thanks for the reply doc!! i understand from now having a look on the net why an innocent murmur is 9 times outta 10 just that innocent!! but could you please tell me a little more by what you mean when you say "normal echo"? please it might sound a daft question but any help would be great!! thanks again :wink:
  10. My son had exactly the same thing when he was born 19 years ago, one doctor was saying she could hear a murmur and other doctors were saying they couldnt hear anything and they were all stood right next to me while this was going on. Like you because one could hear something he had to have a load of tests but nothing was found. He joins the navy on the 1st November as a ET(WE) obviously having passed the medical without a problem.
  11. Did you pass your medical in the end?
  12. It was six and a half years ago - he's probably outside now.
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  13. Fixed for you S-B

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