INM time frame

Can anyone give me rough idea of how long INM can take on a medical decision and I also heard that the admin team are going on leave ? I have had my medical application refferred to INM in April because of an ACL op I had and I'm just interested to know how much longer I am going to have to wait.
Surely you'd be better speaking to the med centre staff in your area - there's usually someone there who does all the liaising with INM...
Well I have spoken to my AFCO and he reckons there is a back log of medicals for them to check, not so sure why it would take this long anyway, surely it shouldn't ?
Our specialist medical teams down at INM are:-

A. A very small team, 1 Surgeon Commander plus 2 staff.

B. Extremely busy.

C. Entitled to take some Easter/summer/Xmas leave.

All of these things slow the process down. if you are then required to see a specialist this again can really slow down the process, mainly because the specialist are often out in sandy climates.

I have had specialist medicals hat have been sorted in a couple of months, but I do have one that has gone on for 14 months.

It's unfortunately just a case of waiting. I would keep ringing your careers advisor every few weeks to jog his/her memory. They should then do the same with the specialist teams.

Good luck


Well that sheds the light a bit more on the situation and now I understand why it can take so long, Cheers for that. You mention seeing a specialist, does that mean I will have to undergo a full medical to see how strong and reliable my knee is ? It shouldn't be a hassle as I have been back playing rugger for some time now after the operation. In your knowledge do you know of any guys/girls that have had an ACL op before they joined the navy ?

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