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i was meant to join Raleigh the 24th of october, and in a freak accident i dislocated my thumb, i told my afco and seen the naval doctor, he declared me temporally unfit. he told me 3 months after i get cast of im fully fit, which is december, but was then told between January and april there are no intakes the next was may and i was top of my branch list. ive now been told by another source that there is no intake till ocotober. can anyone please shed some light on this? ive already waited for two years and dont wanna have to wait another year no knowing when im getting to join cheers


Lantern Swinger
Speaking to your CA will be your best bet, for gods sake don't write to them as it would take them a year to decipher what your asking thus resulting in you waiting longer!!


Lantern Swinger
Your not the first and you certainly won't be the last to panic, just read through some of the other threads on here and on the facebook page.
If your CA has said May then standby for May, he is the guy thats knows more about it then some random guy off the internet.