Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Leeroy59, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Right, ive been training on and off for about a year now, im ex-TA and have harboured a shin splints injury from when i was in TA (mostly from running in boots and CFT) up until this point, its the main reason why i have been training on and off for so long, because i get to a certain level of fitness and it'll start to get really painful and ill have to stop training again. Now, im getting bored of having to surrender to my bodys deficiency so have begun training again and have been using the correct rest-days and stretchs and seeing a private physiopherapist to maintain my training and keep injury to a minimum. Which is going great so far, im up to running 9:33 on my quickest 1.5 so far and i only feel my shin splints when i run; ive got my PJFT in a week and im pretty confident ill pass that and then my PRMC hopefully asap.

    My question is, how will i be treated if i pass my prmc and get into training and then a few weeks down the line the injury comes back and begins to become a real problem? Ive dealt with it fine up until now because i run on off days, but once training starts i expect the running will be done everyday and im worried that may cause my injury to come back and worst-case ill be kicked out of the forces.

    PS: My fitness besides my running is spot on; doing 50+ pressup in 2mins, 80+ situps and 14-15 overhand grip widearm pullups. Im also in the gym doing alot of weight training and circuits.
  2. yes ,having your rectum reamed is still a hazard in the navee. Unfortunately regulations prevent the issue of vaseline so bring your own or make friends withe cooks who will let you have some beef dripping for a small fee
  3. Ey? im joining marines not navy ...
  4. If you're prone to shin splints, which is what it sounds like, you may well face some probs, but you'll never know unless you try. Keep up the stretching and do a good warm up before every session of physical that you do.
    You will have to do this for the rest of life as far as exercise goes, you may feel OK for a few sessions but the pain will come back if you cut corners.
    As far as actual Royal Marine Training goes even with the gradual build up of distance and loads that the Training involves, Recruits who've not had the problem before do develop it and get Back Trooped or put into Hunter Troop for remedial phys and therapy.
    If you do get to do your PRMC ask one of the PTIs (Physical Terrorising Instructors) for some advice.
    Good luck.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    What NZB says if it's a condition that only becomes apparent after you join, but:

    If you join the Royal Marines with a pre-existing medical condition which you did not disclose at the AFCO Medical Examination, but which becomes apparent during RT, you can be discharged in the first 15 weeks for making a fraudulent application, with a caveat attached barring re-entry.

    If you currently have shin-splints then it's worth considering non-impact CV for a few weeks & making sure you have new-ish trainers, with a well padded heel, possibly with orthotic insoles.

    You are very strongly advised to make sure you are fully recovered before considering Recruit Training as they will almost certainly re-occur otherwise.

    Best of luck.
  6. the other nods are gonna ******* love your TA dits!
  7. Well, i should tell my careers advisor then? Im almost through my PJFT and dont really want to be wasting anymore time waiting around for something to happen. The reason i havent consulted the careers advisor about it first is because i hear alot from mates who have gone through the training who say an injury like that will get you barred from training altogether, so id rather deal with the pain and get on with it than tell somebody and then get my application rejected. Thats my main fear really, i dont mind going away and getting the proper help and getting fit again if i can still join, but will that be the case? Or will they just stamp me as injured and bar me from joining up?

  8. well ill talk to PTI on prmc and bring it up with careers advisor then, thanks for the advice
  9. You only get shin splints when you run?!

    Mate you are gonna fukc yourself up. Have you thought of any other avenues in the Armed forces.
    Nod training isnt very pleasing on the legs. I dont envy you one bit.
  10. Have a look on arrse, there is a whole load of threads on shin splints and how to stop them.

    I used to get them (I'm TA currently) so much to the extent that the muscle tore along the front, and I got stress fractures.

    The solution was to go to a podiatrist to have special orthitics made for my boots and trainers. The slightest adjustment to the way my feet lie in footwear for phys made the world of difference. 3 years on I've never had shin splints or associated injuries, my run times are a million times better and I could tab for Scotland now.

    So get your feet checked, and sort it. 99% of the time shin splints can be cured by a simple pair of insoles made for you.
  11. Get some ibuprofen gel. My shin was caning, whacked some ibuprofen gel (ibuleve, is an example) on it 3 times a day and got some mouldable insoles. Job done....For now.

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