Injury requiring surgury

Discussion in 'RMR' started by Benny788, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. After getting a training injury in May and having seen a specialist which i've paid for using my own cash, I learnt i need surgury this injury was caused by training on a det night. I've been offered no help, I need this operation as I can barely walk as it is. But have no way of affording it what can i dO?
  2. If it's that bad then why did you have to go private? If it's at the level of requiring surgery then you should get it on the NHS, and that will cost you nothing.

    Bear in mind that private medicine exists to take your money from you. Operations will be done privately that won't be done on the NHS as they may not be required but it's a buyers' market.

    I have a sneaking suspicion you are angling for compensation - but the story stinks so you're getting no joy from me. Go and see your GP and get referred to an orthopaedic clinic.
  3. NHS maybe 2, 3 years I am a working man That's not something i can wait for. I just want the RMR to help surely they should offer some kind of help. As for compensation I want a green lid i doudt they'd be happy to see me if i take part of the budget for doilders in Afghan.

    But right now I am in trouble I need help
  4. Hmm like the £2,500 i paid for my op because they were titting about for more than a year when i was in absolute agony and was admitted through A&E 3 times and was discharged with a strip of codeine!! Funny how after i coughed up the NHS consultant then proceeded to tell me that it would take >1 year perhaps 2 for me to recover from it.

    Yeah of course it wasn't urgent!! get real ffs!!
  5. PM me details of the injury - 2 or 3 years is bollocks - waiting lists arn't that long, and the Government target is 18 weeks from decision to operate to surgery, so you're way out.
  6. XRD - you have my sympathy, but just because it takes a while to get better doesn't make it urgent.
  7. I can understand alot of people are hunting compesation, all i want is be able to recover from this and get back to work!

    As for 18 weeks ahahh as if frankly even serval months is too long But as My Gp admitted to me They say it'll take a year it'll take 3 and as my conslation is in may i am guessign i'll get surgury 2013
  8. Sorry to hear about that mate all the best
  9. 1-2 years recovery demonstrates that it was bloody urgent.

    With respect doc i don't think we work for the same NHS. Oh silly me the time it took for them to fanny and dither cost me my job and nearly my marriage but hey ho not to worry eh!!
  10. Guessing it's a knee problem (usually is) - seriously, there are hoards of people in hospitals employed just to look at random (arbitrary) Government targets like this one. You will not be allowed to 'breach' the target because then your hospital Trust won't get Foundation status (which they all want).

    Forget private - it will cost a fortune and is no better.
    Go back to your GP, get an urgent referral (as it is affecting your work with the RMR) and you will have an op (if that is required) scheduled in no time. Also ask for a physio referral - often a useful back door into the system as they talk to the orthopods all the time.
  11. Can anyone suggest some actual advice?
  12. I would get a second opinion privately as contrary to what the doc said you will most probably see an NHS consultant that is doing a private clinic. I would also ask to see the unit M.O and at least get the injury logged as they will deny all knowledge.
  13. Sorry to be pedantic, but an urgent problem would have either deteriorated or killed you in two years. I'm assuming you're still alive, so that didn't happen!

    Urgent means different things to different people - but prolonged recovery only indicates it was a nasty injury. That has no bearing on operation timing I'm afraid.
  14. Benny, I am giving you advice. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it is not advice.
  15. I live in Northern Ireland is that safe? I work as a roofer so I've been out of work for months. Only reason am still hired is that it belongs to my brother.
  16. Wrote reply before seeing your reply sorry
  17. BOLLOCKS!!!
  18. Benny, go for it. Belfast is a European centre for orthopaedic surgery (I qualified from QUB). NI GPs are slow to use the urgent referral system for some reason (my Dad has had issues recently), but it does exist. The injury is affecting your job and your work with the RMR - two very good reasons to get it sorted asap.
  19. Thanks I'll look into it

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