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Injury before Raleigh


If I set back my Raleigh date due to injury how long till I get my new date? I know it's best asking my AFCO, I'm really just seeing if anybody has had the same problem.


War Hero
Depends what branch you are joining. Some shortage category branches (Chef, Steward, ET(WESM), ET(ME), ET(MESM) pretty much have spare places on most intakes.

Either way no point joining with an injury -nor requesting a start date until fully recovered otherwise you'll just be sent home and go to the back of the queue if you physically sign-on, then get discharged. Add about three or four months to your rejoin time if you join Raleigh with an injury.

Hope you have a speedy recovery - good luck.


Thanks I want to make sure I'm 100% before I go I'm joining warefare sonar sub (SSM) I'm sure I won't be waiting too long then :) thanks again
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