Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Greendeath, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. Quite often whilst working at maintaining a level of fitness or participating in spare time activities we acquire injuries.

    Over the past few years whilst training in the gym or the dojo with martial arts I have suffered damage to my internal organs, a crushed scaphoid bone, all kinds of muscle injuries, a broken rib and broken toes.

    Each time I get an injury like this, I ask myself, why the hell do I continue to work so hard at keeping in condition or why do I still train in martial arts. And the answer is each time, because I enjoy it.

    The secret is to not allow the injury to stop you doing these activities but to learn to work around it.

    I'm sure many of you suffer similar issues, but how do you cope with the recovery phases?


  2. Edited to add..... ok my sensible reply deleted as I now have been informed what a loser you are!
  3. Steve, Are you not a bit tired of posting this variation of theme type posts throughout the internet?

    If you want to promote your books, then pony up the adverting fees to the site and promote all you want. Stop trying to gain freebies by staging the same question over and over again on numerous sites.

    Yes, we know you wrote two books, yes we know you have a violent history and lack self control and yes, we know that you found salvation through a martial art. Apparently, now we also know that you sustained injuries from shrapnel.

    There are hundreds of men and women who are returning from a very real shooting match with injuries that they have sustained that would make your ass pucker up just thinking about. Your experiences are minor compared to what these souls are facing.

    The fact you did not/could not/would not go the distance in the corps speaks volumes to me. My sea time alone out numbers your entire time you spent beating people up, you don't see me flogging a book on the "look at me, I'm an asshole" aspect of my life.

    My husband died for his country while serving as a Royal Marine, your lackluster service over eight years was nothing more than a drunken run ashore and bullying people. How could you possibly think that you compare to that service of my husband or his mates that were injured or died while being real Royal Marines instead of what you portray in your penny-a-story, enquirer-tell-all type drivel?

    Now Steve, unless you actually have something to say except a repeat of the same old claptrap you've been spewing since you got drummed out of the corps, I suggest you put yourself on receive only and do less of the transmit.

    and breathe...
  4. No disrespect to you sweatheart. I've only been defending what I wrote. And it isn't me who keeps bringing it up.

    You right, I only did 7 1/2 years, if I'd of stayed in any longer they'd have locked me up and chucked away the key for sure. I know that.

    I'll remove the tag from the bottom of my signature as I assume that's what you must mean. Hopefully the others will read your post and let it be now.

    Take care

  5. Steve, your "use by date" has expired. You are very old news. Haven't you been keeping up with the news reports? There are new heroes on the block now, ones that ooze the very ethos of what a Royal Marine is, and what you clearly forgot.

    Sorry Steve, I just can't get my knickers wet over some drunk's "look at me" story of self debaucery and abuse when there are men and women living their lives with the very ethos and integrity you can only dream of ever having.

    You, are the very antithesis of what a Royal Marine should be and if I were you, I'd call it a day and slide into obscurity. Defend what you wrote? How about defending what you are? You are an opportunist, who thinks that your bad boy-found inner peace image sells books. You are a failure at being a Royal Marine. All you ever have been and will be is a drunk, who got to wear a green beret.
  6. I don't drink very much these days and have a very busy job.

    I wish you well.

    All the very best

  7. Does that job entail posting utter gibberish on the internet?

    If so, you must be working 24/7.
  8. No, just standing by what I wrote.

    However, out of respect for niner_domestic lets let this subject go please.


  9. Stop posting on it and it will, lofty.

    PS Sorry to barge in, fisheads and booties but I'm not able to abuse anyone on arrse at the moment due to it being tits. :)
  10. Okay.

    Best Regards

  11. Ok Steve, you want to ask how people cope with their injuries, then here read this:

    watch this:

    and then read this:

    and if you still think your self inflicted injuries are important continue reading here:

    and here:,66949.135.html (reply 144)

    Then read about:

    and here:

    Your injuries and your moaning makes me admire these men even more for their quiet dignity by which they put their lives back together.
  12. How patronising, it's asif they want to turn this forum into a breeding ground of cocks bitching and bull.

    Drop the sub and dont change the topic of the thread.

  13. Oh bloody great you found us...their goes the neighbourhood.... :thumright: :thumright:

  14. Hark at her!

    Youre a bloody civvy for craps sake. :)
  15. I was merely looking to debate how people cope with their sports or spare time activities injuries.

    I am well aware of the injuries sustained by the soldiers across the world. I have a former bootneck colleague who was shot in the spine in the early 80's. He recovered from this but it did come back to haunt him some years later. Unfortunately he has been more or less house bound for the past 10 years and spends a lot of the time taking pain killers and sleeping pills. It is undoubtedly a living hell for him and many like him. I find it dissapointing that soldiers get very little support when they sustain these injuries and are left to their own devizes. No one seems to care, when in truth they should have all their needs catered for.

    Best Regards


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