Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mikeee1993, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Ive recently fractured my furthest finger on my left hand (little finger) and it might have to be pinned, does anyone know if this would hold me back from joining the navy in 2 or 3 years time? thanks
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well it clearly hasn't stopped you using your 'pooter keyboard... unless you're wearing a headwand?! :shock:
  3. Ha ha, yeah thats what i find weird, i can still use my hand fine, its just i have a bit of pain, its strange, but I've just got back from A and E and its fractured, it will either be plastered or pinned, I did it last Monday, so I've used it a whole weak thinking it was a bruise. But i'm 16 now and hoping to join after college, but i'm just curious to whether the NAVY will see this and think i'm weak. If you understand me there?
  4. Your weak, that little finger will forever hold you back.
  5. Thank you, but seriously, you think I will be? Or what?
  6. 'AngryDoc' on here will be along shortly to give you the DS answer, but at your age, and the fact it doesn't sound too bad I would say you have no worries.
  7. Im pretty sure the Yakuza use to chop there finger off if they messed up, so you might want to consider the same thing.
  8. I'm asking a question, I wish you would see that and answer back correctly or not at all daffy. Can anybody else please help me?

  9. Thanks, i'm just worried that I will be rejected if it has to be pinned.
  10. Look at my last post. I answered you. If you get hormonal and can't take a joke it will be more than a broken finger holding you back from a career in the Forces.
  11. Yeah im sorry mate, I didnt refresh the page in time to see your post. Thanks for your reply though.
  12. No worries. Take a chill pill, and enjoy a bit of banter before 'AngryDoc' (a Navy doctor) comes along and tells you the score.
  13. Haha, will this AngryDoc post on this thread I made, or do I have to speak to him another way?
  14. He'll find this don't worry.
  15. He will post on this thread, mate im pretty sure you will be fine.
  16. Thanks for all your help. Sorry for being 'snappy', I just worry thats all.
  17. When us shower of bastards crayon all over your thread, it actually helps keep it at the top of the list, and increases the chances of a MOD having to come along and tell us to behave. :wink:
  18. :lol: i'm pretty new to this network. So I will seem like a total newbie!
  19. Mikeee

    I will point your question out to the Doctor tonight but he might not answer for say 24 hours - depends on when he logs in.

    You should have a reply by this time tomorrow though.

    Re joining the Navy, by the way, I would encourage you to call in on your local Navy Careers Advisors fairly soon; there are waiting times for many Rating Entry jobs in the Navy and the one which is perfect for you might be one of those which has a waiting time of over a year or two.

    If you have the right GCSEs and then get at least 180 UCAS points at College, Officer entry might be open to you too.
  20. Thanks a lot. I look forward to hearing from him. :toothy5:

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