Injuries before AIB

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by tonypeers5, May 13, 2008.

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  1. I will probably have my AIB in the summer, but was wondering about injuries. I play 5-a-side on Mondays and get injured occassional. Currently spained my ankle a month ago and spained my wrist (due to a point blank save whilst in goal).

    So i was wondering what is the procidure (can't spell) if I have my AIB and am struggling to do push ups or run. Would they delay the AIB or make allowances, or fail you?
  2. I travel down to Raleigh on Sunday (18th) and have a 5-a-side footy game on the Friday night... everyones under strict instructions to go easy on me!
  3. Why risk it? Just don't play for a little while. I love football, but if i got injured for the sake of a footy match i'd be gutted.

    I'm not sure when i'm going to Raleigh, but i won't be doing any such sports until then, just swimming, running, cycling etc.

    If you are injury prone, it seems like a risk to me.
  4. Going to the AIB but you can't spell procedure?

  5. I should stop playing for a few weeks. It's just not worth it really is it.
    You won't do push ups at AIB anyway, it's jsut a Bleep test. But you will have to carry equipnment round and some of the PLT's require you to be physically fit.
  6. Your right, found out the fitness test is a bleep test. The push-up/sit-ups and swimming are for when you arrive at Dartmouth. The advice was "don't get injured".
  7. Yeh, ok mate, you "sprained your wrist saving a penalty"...sure it wasn't another activity? ;]
  8. myself and my oppo helped out an AIB class at sultan last october, they did a bleep test and some teambuilding skills (crossing from point A to B without touching the floor etc.) nothings seemed too strenuous so i wouldnt worry about injuries
  9. Tonypeers,

    Seriously, get your grammar sorted out. You'll have to write an essay and txt spk, bad spelling and not knowing when to say your or you're will be penalised! Knowing how to structure a sentence is also a pretty decent life skill, and one you will continually use.
  10. I love that bit :) :dwarf:
  11. What's wrong with that. I hate ankle injuries, they take soooooo long to heal.
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I currently like that bit myself tomorrow.

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