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Oh, any by the way, the McMurray test is a basic test and if the GP hadn't done it then I would be very surprised. Also, asking if it had been done is completely pointless - I don't know about you but I have never said to a patient "I'm just performing McMurray's test - oh, and could you turn over for a bit of Apley's".

And aspirin doesn't remove uric acid from the joint either - you need to alter uric acid metabolism for that using allopurinol (about three weeks after initial treatment with NSAIDs / colchicine). If you have given aspirin to someone with gout then that is clinical negligence as aspirin actually increases serum uric acid!
The price of Generic Omeprazole is peanuts compared to branded Omep.By avoiding just a single admission for Gastro bleeding would offset the cost.I never suggested that the requests for investigations was not a sign of incompetance.CP may mainly predominate in females however it is also seen frequently with people that take regular rigourous excersise.All i was doing was pointing out that what he presents with sounds like it had no ligament componant.
angrydoc dont be so sure mate, the GP never touched my knee, he simply sat at the computer finger typing and grunting. he sounded as though i was telling him a story that boring him or keeping him awake. he sounded more sorry for me than he was actually going to do anything about it.

this is one reason im so pi55ed off with the long wait (which i now discover is looking at November/December rather than Sep/Oct) because if he looked at himself but then still refered me to an orthopeadic surgeon then maybe he was at a loss to what it could be but as seen as he was averting his eyes from my direction and hardly looked at me im sure he was just being lazy the old tom tanker.

he wasnt even my usual doc the usual 1s overbooked because people request to see him instead of their own. hes really good and i wish id insisted on seeing him now but sh1t happens and im gonna have to wait until nov/dec now.

andym has provided outstanding advice (more than my own doctor) its put my mind at rest as seen as the only fitness i do i now cannot, unless i want to not be able to walk the next day. with running and cycling out of the question im trying to hold off the drink for fear of putting on weight.

the circuit training is hard to do unless i have done some running just before it and now it seems useless. the cardiovascular level i had built up to is now slowly going to rat sh1t and im gonna end up getting out of breath walking down the street as seen as it going to be over 12 months until i can work-out again.

New to the site. Greetings to all.
Young_Spike, I'm having bother myself actually. About a month ago I sent off my forms applying to go on a POC. I got a letter back from the AIB last week informing me that I have been classed as permanently medically unfit for entry due to cruciate ligament damage in my left knee that happened in 2004.Naturally I was shocked by the letter. I never had a surgical repair to the ligament and it seems to have healed well and isn't affected by any training including doing bergen work with my OTC unit, so under the advise of one of the AIB staff I'm putting together a substantial appeal with medical records, consultants reports, x-rays etc. Even so I'm still worried that I won't be allowed to enter the application process and will always remain a recorded biff in somebody's filing cabinet.
i feel for ya mate n wish you good luck i know i was pretty pi55sed about this. if you didnt need surgery and are ok now i dont see the point in refusing you entry, but unfortunatly im not the AIB and i dont call the shots. whats the MO at your unit said?

Young Spike,

As you can see, you need to adopt a "belt-and-braces" approach to these things - occupational medicine is a huge part of naval medicine, especially in the selection stages. If there is a suspicion you have an injury which will prevent you completing training then you will not be accepted until it is remedied appropriately. Whatever your GP did or did not do, the end result was correct in that you were referred on. If this had not happened and you landed in front of a medical referee / CAAMB, you would have been sent back to your GP to be referred to orthopaedics.

Don't mind us - we're just having a bit of a bitch-fight about medicine - happens pretty regularly. I just don't see the point of explaining clinical examination procedures to patients in this type of forum! Also, the last thing you need to is have your mind filled with "possible" (although highly unlikely) diagnoses. From the sounds of things, I would suspect you have an issue with the cartilage in your knee. This is the most likely problem - the other conditions mentioned by other members are rare in your population. That does not mean you don't have them - just that it is less likely. In any case, you need either an MR or a scope - it is not possible to diagnose by text alone.

COI - am a doctor (ie actual doctor, not a medical branch rating) in trauma and orthopaedic surgery.

And AndyM, sorry, have to return to this whole losec-and-brufen thing - granted, generic omeprazole is not expensive, but I do not see the need. Do we give out laxatives every time we prescribe co-codamol? Do we give chlorphenamine every time we prescribe morphine? All these drugs are also cheap, but to treat side-effects before you get them is asking for more interactions and is therefore bad medicine.

However, I note you work in the pharmaceutical industry - surely a COI as well?

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