Injured soldier arrested for alleged racial abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by whitemouse, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. As with all this stuff there is probably more to it than meets the eye...
  2. I've lost count of the times some of my staff have used this against another worker.
    It's probably the most abused law ever in this country.... !
  3. I'm astonished that this was even reported to the police. I've been frequently verbally abused and spat at by religious types for being who I am, including some serious defamatory claims about people like me in general, but I wouldn't dream about going to the police about it. Interestingly those who do verbally abuse others have a tendency to demand their victims become impervious to the attacks made upon them whilst the perpetrators are usually very thin skinned themselves.... but I digress.
  4. As with Sussex2 I think there is more to this than the report indicates, it does highlight both common assault and aggravated assault though which would indicate that the one sided description potentially has a few gaps...

    It does seem all fairly incidental, but at the moment the report raises more questions than it answers. Might also just be a slow news day...
  5. I know I'm a tad adrift on this one, but this sort of thing really makes my blood boil. This poor lad lost a limb fighting for his country and some vicious, ignorant, lying git has the gall to make something up to get him in trouble. When did the British Police become the instruments of our so called clolured bretheren anyway??
    The more I hear of this the close the BNP is to getting my vote.
  6. Shouldn't the word "alleged" be in there somewhere or does this qualify for automatic guilt?
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I know it's the Mail and accurate reporting isn't in their terms and conditions but the last part is little worrying:

    Today a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said, "Police are investigating after a man was racially abused and assaulted in Bolton.

    "At about 3.40am on Saturday 2 August 2008, the 36-year-old victim was walking through the car park of the Asda supermarket on Moss Bank Way, Astley Bridge.

    "He was approached by a man and a woman who racially abused him and then pushed him.
    "A 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of common assault and a racially-aggravated public order offence and a 21-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offence.

    "Both have been bailed until 29 September 2008 pending further inquiries

    Surely the man claims he was assaulted and alleges he was racially abused? The police spokesman seems to have the incident cut and dried!

    Typically POL beat me to it :thumright:
  8. Typical of an Asda car park anywhere in the country, that is why I shop at Waitrose.
  9. Rightly so, one gets a far superior class of racism at Waitrose :w00t:
  10. Thank God you're in Georgia then.

    Hope the white hood fits.

    Very tightly.

    Ashamed to have served in the same service as you.
  11. Could that be WHITErose really then? :)
  12. Possibly the quote is more aimed at the main stream political parties who are more interested in the 'PC' aspect of policing now and are hell bent on good statistics. The police would rather arrest some one for a minor allegation which would then still go down as a racial assault on the good old Labour national crime statistics.

    The other point guzzler is whatever your position on the BNP, it is a legal party and it is everyones democratic choice to vote for them or not. People vote for the Socialist workers party :pukel: who just as bad and a little further left than Stalin.

    I still vote for monster raving loony. :dwarf:
  13. I'm not sure you can actually vote for the SWP, I believe their wish is more for revolution than democratic power as we know it. They're an incredibly silly and pointless organisation. The BNP are a filthy bunch of racists hiding behind democracy, but I see your point.
  14. Today in the Telegraph the BNP are reported for selling replicas of the VC at £12. The govenment (National Army Museum) sell them at £24.99
  15. I think a lot of people have become disillusioned over the years by the two mainstream parties. If or when the conservatives get in at the next election I give them a year before people start crying out for Labour again.

    Interestingly, since the start of the peace process, here in Northern Ireland voters attitudes have hardened, out went the moderate mainstream parties(SDLP&UUP) and in came the DUP and Sin Feinn(maybe not in the same league as BNP or SWP)

    The voters have spoken, the [email protected]@rds!!
  16. Guzzler, wow what a narrow minded comment. Thank God we were never anywhere close to each other as you obviously can't stand someone having any point of view other than the one you tell them to have.

    The BNP are a perfectly legal party in the UK, they even have MP's so there must be other peoiple in the country who are sick and tired of the P.C. world that you subscribe to. Have you even bothered to read what the BNP stand for and their stance on Law & Order, Europe, the Economy, Education, Agriculture, Health, Transport, the Environmnet, Pensioners, Defence and Democracy? Did you even know they had policies about these subjects, probably not as you seem to confuse the BNP with the KKK. I can only sumise that you are a fully blinkered Gordon Brown sycophant who has had his toggle n 2 removed and toes the NuLabour party line no matter what damage it is doing to the country.

    In short pal, shut the feck up unless you have something semi intelligent to say.
  17. Yes the BNP may come across as very plausible but dig a bit deeper and you will see that they are nothing more than fascist racist scum, the kind of people that our fathers fought against 69 years ago.
  18. Not if you actually read their policies ;) They're very simplistic, lack any appreciation of economic reality or the context within which they're supposed to deliver or the consequences of their proposals.

    Still, this is a democracy and clearly many people want to vote for them. Says quite a lot about the electorate really...
  19. The problem with politics in the UK is:

    1. Too many career members of parliament (All Parties) who have not lived in the real world doing a real job and living on low pay.

    2. The two main parties (Labour & Conservative) are now almost indistinguishable from each other.

    3. The Liberal party is so out of touch that is could never be a viable alternative.

    4. The U.S.A has far too much influence on our political leaders.

    5. The government are under the impression that the voter should not have any input other than once every four years, just before this point ALL parties tell us how much they need us, and what they will do for us.

    Unfortunately I can see no change in the way that our country is governed for the foreseeable future.

    Time to look at emigrating to a country which still has the work ethic. Poland looks good.

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