Injured servicemen 'betrayed by government'

Does the government really appreciate the military?

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Lantern Swinger
This really grips my sh1t!!

Once again the individuals who are asked to put policy into action are let down by the government when they need help the most :evil:

When a serviceman or woman is injured in the line of duty the least we should expect is support and financial assistance, but clearly this isn't part of the deal!

When will they get this right?
Very unsatisfactory. It all constrasts so differently with the compensation packages available to the powerful when ill health forces them to retire from their careers.

Why not offer members of the Armed Forces a similar package to that afforded to MPs who lose their seats, etc: a Resettlement Grant (see bottom of p14), which pays between 50% and 100% of that person's annual salary depending on length of service, etc, as immediate compensation with a pension which can be lived off if the person will never work again?


War Hero
I work as a caseworker for the RBL & have come across this before, its not new.
The lad couldn't get benefits because the army/ war pensions was holding back his paperwork, He had nothing to live on except the initial £1000 payment which he had been given.
Is any one suppriesed I was discusted at the treatment of some Naval personel in 1978 thats why I got out. If every one relised how you get treated if you go down they would'nt be a services : :roll: