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Injured ex Royal Marine carries Olympic torch.


AN ARBROATH ex Royal Marine was given the honour of being an Olympic torch bearer when the relay made its way to Angus on Tuesday.
Corporal Ian Bishop of 45 Commando Royal Marines carried the Olympic flame on his part of the torch parade and was assisted by his daughter, eight-year-old Aimee.
Unfortunately the torch did not make its way to Arbroath so Corporal Bishop carried the Olympic symbol through Brechin instead.
Whilst serving in Afghanistan two years ago, Corporal Bishop was caught up in an explosion in which he lost both legs,
after learning to walk again, he is now part of the Great Britain Ski team and hopes to compete in the 2014 Winter Paralympics.



War Hero
True to the spirit as always BZ Royals!
Plymouth Royal Marine Mark Ormrod, who lost an arm and both legs when he stood on a landmine in Afghanistan, described carrying the Olympic Torch as a 'humbling experience'.
The 28-year-old, who now works for the Royal Marine Association, said: "I am humbled at all the people that contacted me to say they had nominated me.
"It is a humbling experience and hopefully I'll do Plymouth and England proud."

The unsung heroes among torchbearers | This is Plymouth

Also Brian Tinnion, Mike Greenwood, Frank Allen and Ian Ronald, I'm sure there must be more out there as well.
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