Initial Officer Training??

Can anyone give me an in depth breakdown as to what goes on at IOT?

My sift interview is in a few weeks and the RN Website doesnt have any of the information up yet.



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Try looking at BRNC, and also the ABLE/MARL 3 term threads. Plenty of information here to find out.

If you want to be an officer, then you should use initiative whenever possible, and that starts with the Search function. Not trying to be a dick here, but pointing out that you need to be prepared to look a little further, and do a little more if you want to be an officer.
Thank you. Since I uploaded this message I have found that thread and it is very useful.

I also understand your follow up comment and I would like to stress that I do use my initiative. I used it coming to this and other forums. I also used it in asking for help when I encountered a hold up in my research. This question was one avenue of my research and revision that I could leave whilst looking elsewhere. Afterall that is what these forums are for.

Again many thanks for your reply.
Your SIFT will cover your general communication skills, leadership/team experience and your motivation (service knowledge etc) for joining. Know the answer to the fundamental question: why do you want to be an Officer in the RN?
All the old RN website is archived, so there is a fair bit of info out there, plus the new stuff on here on the 3 term INT(O).
Good luck!

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