Initial Officer Training and Observer Pipeline



So I'm hoping to receive a date soon for my AIB, so I am currently trawling the RN website, Navy News, and RR to name but a few sites, making notes.
Here are a few questions I can't seem to find a clear answer to, so any help is much appreciated:

I'm aware that prior to the IOT at Dartmouth, they are now sending the cadets for 10 weeks at Raleigh. I was wondering, does this stage have an official name yet? When they ask me what my training will consist of, I don't want to start by saying 'I'll do 10 weeks at Raleigh before BRNC... blah blah'. I'd rather be able to talk about it, or show some knowledge of it before detailing all other parts of the training.

So now I get on to the pipeline, I've seen a few things that differ slightly, so if I put what I have come to believe is true, can someone point me in the right direction if somethings not right:

*Grading at Culdrose - 7 weeks-(not sure what happens here, RN site doesn't say much)
*BOC at 750NAS, Culdrose - 6 months - King Air
*OCU at Culdrose for Merlin, Yeovilton for Lynx, not sure where the SKASaC course is - 12 months
*Front-line Squadron

And as I need to know pilot, is that:
*Grading, Yeovilton, 7 weeks, Grob
*Basic Rotary Flying Training, DHFS, 6months
*Advanced Rotary Flying Training is where I get stuck!

I'm sure if during my note making, I come up against anything else I can't seem to find the answer to, I'll be posting it here, thanks in advance for any help.


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New Raleigh phase is the Cadets under naval training (Seamanship) as a lot of it will involve small boat handling, knots etc.