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Initial Interview


I was just thinking - there's a lot of talk about the AIB, but not much about the post psychometric test interview, precursor to the AIB. What can I expect from this? who will be interviewing me? what will they ask? How difficult is it? I was working on the assumption that it i just there to sort out those who passed the psychometric test but definitely wouldn't pass the AIB. Also, how long will it between then and getting my AIB date and then the actual AIB itself?



Good evening,

There is alot of information if the sites search ability is utlised.

'Hi, I revently did my SIFT interview for officers. I have some advice for others who are getting a bit worried, or just need some advice.
1. RELAX, don't fidget at all. Sit perfectly still with your hands on the arms of the chair on on your lap. Don't ring your hands or fiddle with anything. Just keep still.
2. EYE CONTACT!!! Try to give eye contact the whole way through, my interviewer actually complimented me on this, so it shows that its very important.
3. Dress very smartly. I was wearing a suit with a tie, and I was complimented on that as well, that it all shows your attitude to the recruitment process and how seriously you are taking it.
4. Try to alter the pitch of your voice, if you are like me, when you are talking to a group or at something similiar, your voice tends to go a bit monotone, try to vary it if you can. Might not happen to all.
5. Depending on the interviewer, try and slip a light hearted joke in, but make sure you do it subtly.
Thats about it really, above all enjoy yourself, I really enjoyed mine, I got to talk to someone who actually cared about why I want to join etc, unlike my friends who are sick and tired of me going on and on about the navy every 5 seconds!
Good Luck, ' -Courtesy of Lynx101.

'I've passed my Officer interview this week. I thought it best to write a few tips from my experience to benefit others.

1) Arrive early and know where your interview/AFCO is. I think it would come across as a poor show if you arrived late. Read the Navy News, especially the first page. This gives you up to date info as to where the fleet is during the month.
2) This is a formal interview, you will be judged on your appearance, manners etc. So act and dress accordingly.
3) Make a list of times you have lead a group/team, held a position of responsibility and faced/set a challenge. They ask about these times so it's worth noting them.
4) Know your stuff - Training pipeline, ships, weapons, return of service etc.
5) Be prepared for the killer question - Why join the RN?
6) Once the interview has commenced, remember the officer interviewing you was in the same place as you once. I was really nervous for the first 10 minutes, but calmed down eventually.' -Myself

Hi all, Im new to this forum and I passed my officer sift interview last week, the advice on this thread proved very useful so I thought it would only be right if I made my own contribution.

Heres a few things that helped me (without wising to restate other points already mentioned),

1) make sure you know about all branches of the navy, I applied for warfare officer (surface) and was asked questions about submarines, tHe fleet air arm and the royal marines.

2) Get your hands on the lastest copy of Navy news, or download it (just type navy news into google) and read up on any current deployments and why they are there. The map on the inside front cover and the fleet focus section are particularly usefull.

3) This has been said before but I think its important enougth to say again: they like to ask about time when you have showed leadership and responsibility, so it helps to prepare answers before hand so you are not caught off-guard.

4) as for the killer question, just be honest, think about it in advance and give your own genuine reasons for wanting to join. There is no killer answer because everyone is different and wil have there own unique reasons for wanting to join

5) Know your training pipeline. I was asked to tell all I kow about the AIB, inital officer training at dartmouth and training as a sub-lieutenant. Including approximate times of courses.

I hope this helps, I'll be putting together a similar post after my AIB -'Courtesy of Chris W.

I hope the aforementioned don't mind me quoting them. If they do, I will delete them. With respect to AIB dates, I filled in my forms after the sift interview at the start of April and i'm still waiting for a date. As to the time between getting the AIB date and attending, I think it's a month or two longer. I hope thats what helps.


Thanks, I'm not very good at this searching business lol. I had seen Lynx's post but it didn't really cover what I was looking for.


Lantern Swinger
What sort of things do you want to know? I don't think my interview experience was that good if you wanted to know what it includes. It said on all the letters and publications that my interview would last about an hour. Mine lasted 20 minutes, and the guy just seemed to skim over everything. They basically ask you why you want to join, what you know about the navy, what you know about the training pipeline, speciifally the branch you are going to, and what you do in youir spare time, such as any youth organisations, or DofE or anything else, basically to show you don't just sit infront of the telly all day!


Hmm... Why I want to join is a difficult one. What did you say? There's loads of reasons - travel, working in a team, responsibility - is that what they're wanting to hear?


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Sam7 said:
Hmm... Why I want to join is a difficult one. What did you say? There's loads of reasons - travel, working in a team, responsibility - is that what they're wanting to hear?

Sam7 Why do YOU want to join, be honest and I'm sure your natural enthusiasm will come through. These guys/gals see 100s of potential candidates and can spot the "what do you want to hear" answer a mile off. The RN is a pretty eclectic organisation that draws its strength from the different attributes that everyone brings. The advice I gave to my SUY candidates was relax and be yourself, you're in that interview for a reason. Good luck - I hope it goes well for you.
I was talking to some people I work with who know people who have joined the Navy and I mentioned that I was considering joining.

They said that their friends that had joined up had found it a nightmare and that the Navy was looking for applicants to have lots of "extra curricular" things like being in the Cadets previously or volunteering.

I was just wondering if this was neccesarily the case as between university and work I've never really had time to have anything other that studying and work.



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Well I said that I wanted to join (as a pilot) because I had always had an interest in aviation and knew I always wanted to become a pilot. At first I looked into the RAF as you would, but then I looked into the navy and saw that its way of life would suit me better and that it offers a lot of opportunity for promotion and has various roles within it. I also said how I would like to serve my country and be part of a respected organisation. Tell us, why exactly do you want to join? They probs wont like it if you say something like "why not?" or "nuffin better to do"


Yeah, thats the same kinda reasons as me, minus the aviation part, although I do like ships and suchlike. How long did you have to wait from the interview to getting your AIB date?


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Well I had the interview a few weeks back on the 15th May, I sent off the forms a few days later and I am still waiting. The guy said I was looking if all goes well, at an AIB date somewhere around September.


Okay. I'm actually getting a touch frustrated, I sent off my first form back in February, got the presentation in march and my Psychometric test in may. Still waiting for my interview date as you know. Was it like that for you? I was hoping to be starting training a soon as possible because I'm finished school now but for a few exams.


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Sam7 said:
Okay. I'm actually getting a touch frustrated, I sent off my first form back in February, got the presentation in march and my Psychometric test in may. Still waiting for my interview date as you know.

I'm still awaiting my interview, but patience, is a virtue and offers a little more time for preperation.


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Oh the whole process for me has taken ages. I sent off the initial interest form way back last July, and it has taken this long to get an interview, but hey ho, good things come to those who wait :D
i did my test today and passed and got my interview date on the friday...2 days later, im guessing it has alot to do with which afco office to apply with ???


War Hero
decbelfast said:
i did my test today and passed and got my interview date on the friday...2 days later, im guessing it has alot to do with which afco office to apply with ???
no contest Liverpool :thumright:


I made my application with the Birmingham Office and my sift interview date came through 2 months after my RT tests, even with me chasing it every two weeks. I think they may be moving office, hence the delay if you apply through Birmingham.


I passed my sift interview last week so just thought I would echo some of the advice (and add my own!) for those preparing for theirs, I found the information on these forums very useful so ignore it at your peril!

Easy to say now, I know but try and relax, however don’t over do it by slouching, sit up straight and don't fidget. Even if your interviewer begins to, do not follow their lead, they may have had a hell of a morning and this is the first chance they have had to sit down all day!

Already touched on some of this so won't repeat myself, but don’t move your hands around to much. I have a tendency to talk and express myself with my hands, sometimes they move faster and more often than a Dutch windmill! During the feedback it was commented on as being distracting which is understandable, so by all means use hand gestures but don't over do it!

When you think it is very difficult to maintain eye contact, when you think and speak its even harder, so, if you do need to think (and you will!), STOP, THINK YOUR ANSWER THROUGH, AND THEN SPEAK!

Apart from that think about the questions you are likely to be asked and work through your answers before going, and be yourself! The Lt Cdr who interviewed me was very down to earth and switched on, they are there to support your application, so all you need to do is do your best at answering their questions truthfully and honestly!

Good Luck
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