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I have got my first interview with the careers liaison officer in my area on the 9th. It has been put off once because he had to run a POC.
Anyway, I have bought myself a suit that I intend to wear with all my contact with the AFCO from now on. And I will remember to call him Sir.

I have spoken to him before on the phone when he informed me that he couldn't make it and we spoke for about 10 minutes as he highlighting what the selection and fitness requirements are. He sent me the application forms after that phone call which means I am applying for the 07 batch.

I believe this interview is just a "are you a knobber?" however I am looking for any information about what to expect.

Any advice/thoughts would be greatly appreciated


P.s is there a special handshake which gets you some brownie points.

e.g. -copy and paste it into your browser, the link doesn't work sometimes.


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Hi there, which AFCO are you visiting?

I was very nervous about my interview, thinking I would be getting a grilling when infact it was only an informal chat.

Do dress smart, do prepare, and do sell yourself as it is the officers decision whether you get put forward for the AIB. However I didn't think the officer was trying to trip me up at any point, he was only trying to gauge whether I was right for RN and the RN right for me.

He asked me about myself, hobbies, interests, travel, parents etc.

You have to watch a video about your chosen career path, life as a young officer and of the AIB process. I found the whole interview cleared up any doubts I had, and my ACLO really made me think that I would want to be working and living with people like him.

My dad was in the RN and he said that I should remember not only was I trying to sell myself to my ACLO but he was paid to sell the RN to me. As I remembered this it made the whole process a lot less daunting.

My appointment is at the Brighten AFCO. I was just after any special hints or tips that could give me a hand.
Were there any questions which really stumped you?



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Ah ok that's what you are looking for.

Questions as I remember them
Teams/clubs you are in?
Positions of responsibility
Confirm education details
Hobbies interests
Touched a little on family background but not in a “what does you parents do for a living wayâ€
Why you want to be in the RN, I was told never say to travel so that could be a tip.
Motivation, how much...etc

Try and think of things you have done where you have lead, worked as a team, had to overcome a difficult scenario.

The next section was trickier. Such things as Do you know what the Navy does. It was such a broad brush statement I was thrown. The answer is LOTS, have a look on the net. (Fishing protection and humanitarian aid etc)

He asked about the hierarchy within the RN, who is the secretary of State…etc (but not in too much detail)

He asked me about ships and I knew NOTHING!! He laughed but then explained that the interview is to assess your weaknesses so he can point them out and you can work at them. Your ACLO isn’t the bad guy deciding whether or not you deserve a place so if you don’t know much about the Navy but tick all the other boxes (you aren’t a total numpty)

I was in my second year of university when I first visited my ACLO, the most positive thing about this was it gave me 18months to improve my 'Navy CV'... (I have since learnt to sail, joined new clubs, and started a management job)

Ask to go on an acquaint visit also as this was really helpful if you are a kinesthetic learner as I am.
edd1989 said:
My appointment is at the Brighten AFCO. I was just after any special hints or tips that could give me a hand.
Were there any questions which really stumped you?

Hi - Im not sure who u will be seeing a Brighton AFCO but the chaps I saw for Rating entry (K. Pritchard) was a damn nice bloke, very friendly,helpful and infomative. This is only an initial interview and is relatively informal and chatty. Try to know a little about what trades you are interested in - I was interested in Fleet Air Arm and he asked what i knew about it and why I was interested....

Good Luck!

"initial interview" sounds like it's just a short chat really, but looking smart is good. No special handshake i'm afraid, but just remember to be honest. It's not pass or fail, just seeing if you are ready for life in the RN. They might say you're not quite ready, but doesn't mean you won't be in a year.

Don't know about the 'sir' bit, some of the experienced matelots will tell you about that one.

In the actual interview (after the aptitude test and all), they ask a load of questions, but i enjoyed mine. The Warrant Officer doing mine was great. Learn a bit about ships (or boats if you're going in submarine service). I only got asked some names, not to name a photo, but i didn't do that well becaus i was a bit nervous at that point, even though i know rucks and rucks of names. Mention current affairs if you can, my interviewer seemed fairly impressed i knew about RFA Wave Ruler being in the news at the time.

Read Navy News while you're sitting around waiting. Eye contact, handshake, be yourself- don't be too serious!
Like all have said above mine wasn't the grilling I thought it was going to be. Mine took about 40 minutes and covered everything from family what my parents do for a living how they feel about my application etc right down to fitness sports you do etc and ultimately why you want to join. don't not have an answer for anything try say something if you're stumped regardless of how daft you think it might sound

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That was my selection interview though wether or not that is what you're talking about I do not know

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