Initial application - waiting times?


I have recently just finished university and have enquired about a career in the Royal Navy at my local AFCO. While there, I filled out a form of interest and was given a 'Royal Navy & Royal Marines Officer Information Form', which I sent off to Manchester at the beginning of last week. The area of interest I chose was for the fleet air arm.
My question is whether people know roughly how long I can expect to wait before I hear anything back and advance on to the next stages e.g. RT etc. I wanted to try these forums to get an idea before I start ringing around.

Thank you in advance!
Basically most of the office's are very busy at the moment. If you haven't heard anything by next week I would give them a call. You should get a letter sent in the post calling you in for your RT test as the next contact from the AFCO.

Don't be affraid to give them a call it shows your levels of enthusiasm



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