Ingrown toe nails - Raleigh in 2 months

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by SkullFuct, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Hi

    Question for the docs on here.

    Got two in grown toe nails that are giving me hell. I'm looking to get surgery for them removed and my cuticles killed off so i can't grow anymore nails on the 2 big toes.

    Is this going to affect my Raleigh medical in two months? If so I think I'll probably sterilise some of my dads equipment, pick up some anti biotics and do it DIY style.

  2. Yeah, 'cause that'll cause less problems.
  3. Thanks zoid but when I said "this is one for the docs" by docs I meant qualified doctors who have dedicated a good deal of their life to medicine and not some random kid who's user name happens to have "dr" in it.

    However, I did take onboard the incredible insights as to what your post had to offer and now feel all warm and fuzzy inside that must be the enlightenment you touch everyones lives with.
  4. It's not that ingrown, and it's a fairly simple procedure. Just slice off the bit with a scalpel then pry out the ingrown nail with a pair of tweezers and or pliers. I've done it a few times before. Just why be a [email protected] and add sarky comments?

    Look tbh, it's my toe I'll do what I want with it.

    And as you've so cleverly pointed out I wasn't wanting to talk to Afco staff, I was wanting to talk to a doctor and there are a few on here to find out whether it would be worth having the cuticles removed or whether it would affect going Raleigh in which case I'll just use a scalpel and pliers to remove any ingrowns and have surgery at a later date.
  5. Had mine done at Cottesmore about a year before I left, 2 weeks and it was all OK!
  6. Not with my AFCO head on - I've had an ingrowing toenail for about 20 years. The Dr in the RN firstly tried taking the edge off. then they removed the nail and finally they removed the nail and tried to kill off the root. it has still grown back , but I can at least now control it. I know that Dr's don't appear to like removing the nail unless they have too and killing it off is there last straw.

    AFCO Head - If you get the nail removed now you do stand a chance of getting it all sorted prior to entry, but toes are funny old things and do not always play the game when trying to heal. The other option is to leave it, but if it's causing you problems then again it's going to impact on your ability to get through training (Fitness, running and distance walking).

    You have a difficult call, do you do nothing, do some running repairs yourself or hope that a Dr can sort it in time for joining.

    Unfortunately it's your call, best of luck whichever way you decide to go.


  7. Wouln't advise the DIY method due to the infection risk and complications you could cause just hacking away at it. See a qualified Chiropodist who may be able to do something to alleviate your symptoms and point you in the right direction. They are pretty inexpensive but do take some pain killers before the appointment. Get a qualified and honest opinion and PM angry doc who is qualified and may give you some good advice. Best of luck with your toes and career.
  8. Hi

    I also used to have loads of problems with ingrown toenails. Strangely, I sort of grew out of it!

    There are a couple of surgical options - either simply trimming the ingrown bit off (which often entails making a vertical cut down the nail to take off the inside bit) or frying the nailbed with phenol which may stop the nail regrowing. What I tend to do is block the toe with local anaesthetic (cos I'm a nice guy really), hack off the offending bit of nail, clean it, then pack the inside of the toe with cotton wool to encourage the nail to grow straight. It seems to work.

    As long as it all goes well then it won't affect your medical. The main issue is that there can be no infection there when the op is done - as long as it is possible to do the procedure then it should be fully healed in a couple of weeks.

    All the best,

  9. Just saw my GP and he did the NHS special - nothing.

    He basically said to leave my toe nails alone and let them grow out. I'm really not happy with this. It basically means I can't work or anything until it's healed and even then there's a huge possibility it won't work.

    If a few weeks healing time is what I'm looking at I think I'll just have them removed professionally. Cheers guys
  10. If your GP won't refer you to a chiropodist you can go to one privately. They're not too expensive, and the ingrown toenail procedure will probably cost around £30-40.

    I know it seems irritating that nothing was done, but it does work - it certainly did for me. I like cutting though, so I'm happy to wop them off. If you're down Plymouth way, I'll happily get the scalpel out...!
  11. Urggggh! Another fecking stinky minger.

    Cant cut your own fecking toenails properly, Whatever next???

    Liability in the making. Have you thought about chopping both feet off to aleviate the problem?
  12. Cheers Luke, but I know you want to run your tongue along the webbing of my toes!

    Na I didn't get them cos of not cutting nails properly. I got them as a result of hiking and camping.

    Doc, I'm going to go back to the docs tommorrow and ask the doc to slice em off and pour acid on the gits so I don't have stupid nails on my big toes. I've had a look at the 'surgery' and 2 weeks heal time seems way more f**king worth it than my idiot doctors advice today!
  13. Fukc off with all that ''Hiking and camping'' sh1t fella The only reason anyone gets fkucing ingrowing toenails is because they have'nt been cutting them properly....

  14. Hiking and camping? So the whole of 3 Cdo brigade have ingrown toenails then?

    Sort your foot admin out you honking pleb.
  15. Lol disagreed!

    I got them cos my feet were sweating and I wasn't changing my socks as well as I shoud've (should've been changing em like 3-4 times a day instead of once a day) and cos of the sweat it softened the nail up sorta moved and then dried that way!

    Didn't help my shoes were too tight for 8 hour hiking.

    And yeah I know poor admin! But I was shi'faced for most of it and was burying my dog in all the dutch birds.

    LOL Look, f**k off and stop crayoning on my thread :pain10:
  16. So, as we said, poor admin you cnut. Prevention is the cure, learn that and once you're in you won't be a liability to the rest of the lads.

    And it's not crayoning, it's advice so those less thick than you can take heed and learn. Arseclown.
  17. Fukcing ell it gets worse and worse. Admits to being a complete and utter admin biff and then tops it off with the excuse that he was chasing Dutch fellas all over the Place. Sucking Chombs instead of squaring away his easy peasy Foot Admin.

    God help the RN you Cheesy footed Gipper.
  18. Do you run the Samaritan Helpline in Bridgend?
  19. No, but welcome to the RN/RM sympathy standards for some helmet that can't sort his sh1t out.

    Best you get used to it or get your admin squared away.

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