Informing of two crossing the bar

Hello everyone , firstly hope this is acceptable and in the right place. I would like to inform the royal navy community of two ex-RN members who has crossed the bar.

1st. My father good friend "Peter Leslie Wyatt, who cross the bar on 26th Dec 2016, aged 80.

Peter joined Her Majesty’s Royal Navy at HMS St. Vincent in Gosport as a boy seaman at the age of 15. The Royal Navy showed him the world by sea for nine years. Many friends made during these times include his shipmates at the Royal Naval College of HMS St. Vincent in Gosport (1953-1953), HMNB Devonport (1953-1961), HMS Indefatigable (1954-1954), HMS Veryan Bay (1954-1955), HMS Osprey (1956-1956), HMS Adamant (1956-1957), HMS Termagant (1956-1957), HMS Tenby (1957-1959), HMS Vernon (1959-1959), HMS St. Bride’s Bay (1959-1961), and HMS Terror (1961-1961). Peter was a proficient sonar operator and enjoyed many exotic postings including the Caribbean Sea, North Sea, Antarctic Ocean, South China Sea and Mediterranean.

2nd one is actually my actual father " Brian Cornelius Kelly" or known as "Spider Kelly" within RN people. (He Advised me just a week before his passing, that he got his nickname "spider", due to how he got into many small corners / how he climb.) He crossed the bar on 10th dec aged 80. Due to legal reasons, only about a week ago the body was released for the funeral. This was because of the sudden nature of his death. The Funeral will be taking place on 9th Feb and ashes taken to sea at a later date as it was his wishes.

Unfortunely, at this moment of time, I do not have access to his royal navy service records. The cause of that, is my mother who knew where it was kept, had at same time a bleed on brain, which resulted in blood filling up between the space between the skull and brain, that A&E missed when she fell few weeks before. An emergency operation had to be perform to remove excess blood that was pushing on brain. she now recoverying and in fact surpassing what medical experts expected her to be able to do and will be able to. Attend the funeral. Unfortunely, on memory side, can say simpler there lot of confusion :( so when she comes out of hostipal will have to request the service records :(

So only thing I can do at the moment is give a summary unlike his friend :(

He joined the Royal Navy for 12/15 years as engineer apprentice at Portsmouth college in 1954. During this time period, he embarked / got commission on many ships, these were; submarines (nuclear & diesels powered), destroyers, and frigates (trying to find the list of the ships before the funeral on 9th Feb but looking likely will not happen). This took him to all 7 seas of the world, where he got the bug to explore the world, which he did in civilian life with civil aviation.

His passion for water still attracted him with narrow boats to cruises (wanted to retire on boat but mum said no). I myself travelled with him to many countries whilst he helped build many international airports and or electrical Infrastructure, but yet his heart has always been in wales where he was born. As they say you can always take him out of wales, but one can not take wales out of him. He was a big sports fan especially Rugby which in his earlier life he played, and loved cars.

Well anyway sorry to give these two bad news :(
NB: I know a long shot but if anyone remember my father during his royal navy years I would love to hear from you, esp the famous parrot that swore / insult a lot on one ship he was on :)
firstly condolences on both of your losses, Peter would have been on the Veryan Bay at the same time as my late father, they did have a very good association which unfortunately seems to have disbanded over the years, I was fortunate to meet many of the members at a reunion in Liverpool in 2001