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I am currently serving in the RN FAA as a AEM/AET. Currently seeking commission, I have aspirations of becoming a 'Information Systems Engineer Officer'. I have read all the information publicly avalible on the subject, but as you can imagine, its extreamlly vauge and often incorrect for current serving personnel. I have called the AFCO, they recommend i attend a interview with their officer, which is not convenient for me due to the fact that, obviously, he only works weekends. I also called the RNs recruitment line. They suggested i asked my C.O. for further information, which to be frank, is laughable. Not a hope in hell is the Commanding Officer of my squadron is going to waste his valuable time on this matter. My D.O. is a no go at the moment as my report is due.

I am currently waiting for more info, availability dates, manpower clearance etc from the WMO. But what I'd apprieciate is if there is a officer (or any rate that knows) here that has or is serving in this billet that could possibly shed some light on the matter.....

Thanks in advance!
Search for IS Officer in the newbies forum. Wave dodger put up a good post in there. Your DO shouldn't be a no-go, but if necessary tell him and then speak to the Recording Authority as I believe the educational requirements may be in flux....
Thanks you very much for your speedy advice.

I've just read the information of the other threads, it seems everyone looking to go this route is as confused as I.

Not to worry, everyone goes back to work on the 4th, I should have all the information needed to venture forth on this.

P.S should anyone one require the information i receive from the WMO/FLEET just ask, ill happily pass it on once i have it
The E(IS) branch is fairly small but the information is out there!

First question - do you have a degree in a computing subject? if the answer is no then you cannot become an E(IS) officer. If you are studying for a computing degree then you can become a candidate and attend AIB but the FSB will not consider you until you have the correct degree.

Second question - How old are you? The cut off between Upper Yardman and Senior Upper Yardman is 26. If you are over 26 (or will be by entry to BRNC) then as an SUY you must be a Senior Rate.

I suggest you get on the RN Intranet, the relevant publications are on there. You need to look at BR8748 Ch 11 (UY) or Ch 12 (SUY), this gives full details of the process, educational and career requirements, including any little quirks of a particular branch (such as computing degree for E(IS))

The CW process has recently been re-promulgated by an RNTM, don't know the number of the top of my head but was issued in the second half of 2009. Again this is available on the RN Intranet. Importantly, this gives the name and contact details of all the individual Recording Authorities - Get in touch with the E(IS) RA and have a chat - he will be the most up to date source of information for you and can also tell you how many people are competing for how many many places.

I'm not an E(IS) but am fully familiar with the CW process so if you have any questions then ask away


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Please read here

E(IS) Career Brief

Feel free to post or PM for more.

Actually thinking about this, you may know a Chief Tiff on the Junglie circuit Lee N. who has just gone E(TM). You could get a lot of useful SUY info from him. I know him and may see him in the next week or two (He's at Sultan now), if you need I may be able to get you his details.

Thanks guys for all you help on this, you helped me a million times more the my own career advisor. Thanks 'SUYAIB' the information you gave me opened a lot more doors where searching for extra info, and 'wave_dodger' thanks for the offer, thats very kind of you, i personally dont know him as im a lynx guy myself, and at 24 i am would be classified as a UY. But thanks for the offer! Cheers guys!

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