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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by focus3d, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. I've got my AIB coming up relatively soon and I've been spending more hours than I care to think about sifting through various resources compiling info about where the RN is in the world. I've found this to be a pretty difficult task with all the inaccurate, dated information floating about.

    Does anyone know of an up to date, reliable, resource I can use to get information on where we are in the world, the types of ships involved on these deployments and names of such operations and task groups??
  2. Betcha the 1st Sea Lord knows!

    Shame you can't just knock on his door!!!
  3. How do you know you can't knock on his door? Have you tried? I would suggest it might be a very worthwhile option and I understand he is also open to telephone calls but prefers them to be early morning (before 5.00am if possible) because he starts work early and his in-tray soon gets filled after that time.
  4. Cheers for the inside info bs, would you pm me his number. I'd like a few words wih him.:-D
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  5. If I were to show you a map of the world now and ask you to point out areas in which the Royal Navy is active, what would you say, based on the information you have already garnered?
  6. Is that all we've got?
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  7. Current Operations | Royal Navy

    This will do until the NN is printed!
  8. Firstly, UK homewaters. With Britian being an island nation, the majority of our fleet can be found here acting ultimately in a defensive role. Our Fleet Ready Escort is constantly kept at high readiness to intercept any hostile threat. Minehunters and their divers conduct sweeps in and around British ports ensuring these ports are free from dangerous ordinance and other terrorist activities. Fishing patrols are carried out by patrol vessels ensuring fishing laws are adhered to. Also, Naval exercises are carried out in north-west scotland and off the coasts of Plymouth and Portsmouth.

    There is also a relatively large Royal Navy presence in The Gulf. We have ships operating around the areas of the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. The Navy has a number of vessels based in Bahrain, most notabley, 4 minehunters which form part of the Royal Navy's contribution to NATO's mine countermeasures operations. HMS Daring has recently passed through the Suez Canal for the first time as part of her deployment in the Gulf, this type 45 destroyer, along with several other frigates and patrol craft are supported by an RFA vessel.
    Royla Navy ships in the Gulf contribute largely to a multi-national maritime co-operative: Combined Maritime Force.

    Since 1982, when Argentina tried to retake the Falklands Islands, the Royal Navy has maintained a constant presence here. This presence currently takes the form of HMS Clyde who is supported by a destroyer and/or a frigate in the South Atlantic area. The maritime environment around the Falklands offers a huge challenge for the Royal Navy with it being 8000 miles from the UK and with harsh weather conditions and high seas.

    The conflict in Afghanistan has seen Royal Naval and Royal Marines forces deployed here in force since Operation Herrick began in 2002. The main base force British forces in Camp Bastian. Currently, we have a number of helicopters from the FAA deployed in Kandahar, namely, ASAC Sea Kings and Sea King Mk4s. However, in the past Kandahar airport has also played home to Merlins and Harriers (before they retired and were replaced by RAF Tornados).
    British Ground Operations are lead by 3 Commando Brigade.

    Elsewhere in the world we have a presence in the North Atlantic, particularly around the Caribbean. Here, we undertake patrols targeting drug-traffickers. Our presence in this area also allows us the opportunity to strengthen bonds with other Navies such as the U.S, French and Dutch Navies.

    I'm not going to say that came completely off the cuff, I did make a afew references to notes and what I have just written was an overview. I appreciate there will be questions directed at me focusing on specific areas and operations. I'd be very interested to get any feedback, in particular on any obvious gaps in my knowledge.

    Thanks for your comments so far.

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