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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Luke1915, Jan 24, 2016.

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  1. Hello all,

    This has been answered in other threads but that information is 3+ years old.

    I am currently 16 years of age and I am doing my GCSE exams. I have always since I can remember wanted a career at sea, Money, travel and the lifestyle is what struck me but I am a little stuck.

    Since the age of 13 I have wanted to be a Naval Warfare Officer with the ambition that one day I would complete the PWO course and be put in command of a ship, although that has slightly gone off track - Last Friday (22nd) I travelled up to Warsash Academy in Southampton to look more into the Merchant Navy, specifically the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and it looks pretty good with some of the perks being a tax free salary, ability to work on any MN ship with the OOW certificate, foundation degree in marine operations, 4 months on and 3 months paid leave; what more could someone want?

    I still have this idea in the back of my head that I want to be in the Royal Navy, I am now stuck between the RFA and RN.

    What is the role of a "Warfare Officer" about? I understand it's watches but what can I specialise on? What would the training pipeline be? Chances of promotion? Pay? Time off? What can I do if I come out? Seeming in the MN I could instantly go and work for another Maritime company.

    If there is anyone here with experience in the RFA could you please explain more of the role for a "Deck Officer".

    I understand this is a lot to ask for but I want to know I am going to pick the right option and not regret anything at a later date.

    Thank you :)
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  2. Anyone able to give me some sort of information regarding the role?
  3. Sorry, Luke, but I think people around here are growing a bit tired of spoon-feeding everyone.

    Many of the questions you have asked are available within this forum and it just needs a bit of your own research, which isn't that difficult with a search function. If it's not here then there is plenty of information available on the RN website etc. It's up to you to use your initiative to gain answers to your questions and you'll need to display a good deal of that if you're going to pass the AIB.

    I find it curious that you've wanted to be a Warfare Officer since 13 and yet in 3 years you've not really attained a decent knowledge of the role. You said you want to be an RN officer for the money, travel and lifestyle and yet you can't describe the lifestyle. Seems a trifle odd and something I'm sure would raise the eyebrows of your interviewers.

    Just because Google doesn't come up with every answer instantly does not mean that you should not use your investigative prowess. The local library is often a good source of info and have you visited the careers office? They're not just there for applications to join.

    Good luck with doing your own, in depth, research and discovering whether it really is something you want to do for more than travel and money.
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  4. Interesting facts
    RN warfare Officer
    180 UCAS points
    5 GCSE A to C including maths and English

    RFA deck cadet
    5 GCSE but English and maths must be B
    No need for any UCAS points...but can do the FD route with 120 points

    Why does the RFA insist on B?

    Especially as the course you follow a Warsash or Fleetwood doesn't
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Best bet is call RFA Recruiting to get the low-down on the Deck Officer role: 0345 604 0520.

    For RN Warfare Officer, you can talk to a careers adviser on the enquiry line 08456 07 55 55, or "livechat online":, or you can pop-in to your nearest AFCO and ask if you can have a chat with the Area Careers Liaison Officer so that you can ask what the role of a Warfare Officer is all about, what specialisations are available, details of the the training pipeline and transferable skills earned.

    As a Warfare Officer, the outcome of the mission and the safety of your ship and crew will be in your hands. As well as being a decisive leader, you’ll be a skilled seaman and navigator, able to handle your ship in all conditions.

    You will learn to deal with all manner of emergency situations such as man overboard, machinery breakdowns and loss of steering. Your normal day to day business will usually involve taking the ship safely from A to B, reporting other shipping and anything else of note to the Commanding Officer.

    You’ll also be directly responsible for taking your ship and other units into action, liaising closely with the Operations Room to fight the ship in the most effective way. If your goal is to command your own ship, this is a good place to start as with the necessary determination, ambition and potential, you can move through the ranks quickly gaining valuable responsibility and management experience along the way.

    For all officers, the opportunities for promotion are good. The earlier you join, the greater the opportunity we will have to give you the skills and experience you need within your career to achieve promotion. To help you with your career, we’ll offer you plenty of feedback, encouragement and training. You’ll be promoted to Lieutenant automatically as long as you pass your professional training and perform to the level needed. After that, you’ll be chosen on merit for promotion to Lieutenant Commander and beyond.

    Joining the Royal Navy is much more than just an exciting and fulfilling career. It’s also a well rewarded one – giving civilian jobs a run for their money. What’s more, you’ll even start earning from the moment you enter the Royal Navy training.

    Typical starting salaries for newly qualified officers starts on £25,472.

    As you progress in your role and move up the ranks you could earn up to £94,362 – depending on your skills and qualifications.

    With some roles you can receive additional pay on top of your annual salary in the form of a ‘golden hello’, and other bonuses.

    You’ll get first class free medical and dental care, six weeks paid holiday, help with housing and education – as well as a pension that matches or exceeds nearly anything a civilian employer could offer you.

    Factsheet here: officer.pdf

    Pay, accommodation charges and allowances can be found here:

    Just to add - all the above was copy & pasted off the RN Website.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This maybe due to the fact they wish to minimise the training risk. All applicants, regardless of academic attainment must also pass the recruiting test.
  7. Fixed FOC
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  8. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    You almost had me applying - but not quite..................
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm hoping that's a Free of Charge FOC, rather than an ARRSE FOC :)
  10. The lifestyle that I have heard about (Travel and Pay) is what I was referencing to.

    I don't see any reason to be rude about using the "Search" function. To the surprise of everyone here I have actually used this magical function but the threads are years old so using the common sense that I have I was only trying to find out if there is any up to date information on the role - I wouldn't trust something which was said 3 years ago which could of changed since then.

    I have spoken to the RN recruitment line and the local AFCO but they have limited understanding and knowledge of the role. The recruitment like tell me to wait while they search the role and tell me everything already on the website. The AFCO don't have a huge understanding of this role either, they do the same as the recruitment line or tell me to call them.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Pay has already been given. For travel, your AFCO will not be able to take a random punt because it depends on world events, if you pass selection and training...and which ship you join.

    Have you contacted your AFCO and asked to speak with the Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO) who is the subject matter expert for Officer applicants?

    With the best will in the world, the Warfare Officer job is unlikely to have significantly changed in the last three years with regard the role in which they are employed. The Warfare Officer training pipeline has changed and should be on the RN website (but isn't). Most serving Warfare Officers, unless employed in the training role, are unlikely to know the current, specific training pipeline off the top of their heads. Your ACLO should.

    As you appear to have been on an acquaint visit to Warsash, it maybe worth asking your ACLO if you can attend the next Warfare Officer acquaint course so that you may compare & contrast.
  12. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yeah, that's right young shaver, you tell him! ;)
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  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't see anything in Pontius response which was in anyway rude?

    He makes a valid point, if I can go online and find perfectly valid descriptions of a Warfare Officers career and training I think you can.

    If, as you say, this has been a goal for the last three years, I'd have thought you'd have formed a baseline body of knowledge and were now able, at 16, to determine what had changed.

    At the end of the day, as has been pointed out, we expect Officers to use their initiative. Personally I might have noted down all I had been able to glean, derived some questions and asked what was still valid and what had or was changing..........
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  14. How far down the recruitment route do you need to go down to get offered a warfare Officer acquaint course?
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I've known year 12 students who have yet to apply attend potential Warfare Officer acquaints, equally they may advise you to at least sit the recruit test & gain your GCSE results first. My tip? See what your ACLO advises - generally, if there are courses planned & spaces available, you can usually request a place.

    Even if you submit an application and pass AIB, you are not obligated to join.
  16. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Come on guys, at 16 years old I was still reading Sven Hassel novels, building Airfix kits and masturbating furiously.

    I recently got rid of all my school books out of my Mum's shed after 30 plus years. I looked through some of them and in my rough book found a piece in which I listed my likes, hopes and dreams for adult life. I wanted to be a Nurse and my favourite Pop Star was Cliff Richard....

    I wish I'd had someone round to guide me rather better than the superannuated knackered PE teacher that habitually gets to 'teach' careers in most schools.

    Adult life changes us - its only 30 years later that I realise how callow these dreams were, so I concentrate on my favourite activities of reading Sven Hassel novels, building Airfix kits and masturbating furiously...

    This is the face I make for activity number three....:confused:
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  17. Loser, I'd got pusser to pay me £2000 by the time I was 16, and then they paid for me to go to Uni!
  18. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes, guilty as charged. If only I'd joined younger I could have done one of those cock-a-mamie degrees they give to warfare officers and aircrews for turning up to work. Or had a dad who was a naval surgeon who knew about scholarships, and just kept the social recapitulation going...

    I was 30 when I found the careers office ....

    It's OK, you probably spunked it all away in a Singapore brothel anyhow :D
  19. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Tell you what the ATG, invite the young lad into MWS for the day and show him a good time. Pay it forward....:)

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