Information on 3 day navy diving test (PDA)

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by wallace100, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. I'm sure I can get fit enough for circuits, runs ect. However my swimming is nothing exceptional, i can swim 1000 meters no problem but my technique and speed isn't great. Iv seen on the PDA itinerary 'water circuits' are these swimming based? Will my swimming have to be at a very high standard to pass selection?
  2. The short answer is no as you'll be wearing a buoyant dry suit and fins. However, you will need good leg strength and stamina as you'll be 'swimming' backwards in a sitting position pivoting your unbent legs alternately up and down from the hips. Try it while lying back in an easy chair and you'll soon get the idea.

    See here for more background: Mine Clearance Diver - All you need to know. (Mirrors, etc)
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  3. Yes the water circuts involve a swim across horsea lake and then a run around, repeated 3 times
  4. Cheers guys very helpful, so are the 'water circuits' also in a buoyant dry suit and fins?
  5. Yes. You climb to the top of a high board and jump off it each time with your fins clamped under your arm before putting them back on in the water. After you've swum across the lake, you run around the top and do it again.

    Horsea Island Top Board.jpg

    (They've removed the top board now. Bloody Health & Safety!)
  6. ok so to reiterate... its 3 x 1000 meter swims with a run back to the jumping points, how far is the run back?
    Do you know if it is noticeably easier to swim with fins?
  7. Top board is still used naval_gazer unless removed very recently
  8. And no. There is 1x1000m swim the legnth of the lake then the circuts are conducted at a different time the breadth of the lake
  9. Yes, but the 'top board' is now the second. The third board was removed several years ago:

    Horsea Lake boards med.jpg
  10. I was using the 3rd board about 3 weeks ago for my PEDA during circuts and mini's.
  11. It might have felt like it but I assure you that you weren't. :)

    I've just called a mate at Horsea to ask whether the third board had been re-instated since my last visit a fortnight ago and he told me it hasn't. The demise of ships' divers c.2000 means that the capability to jump from big ships' flight decks, etc., is no longer a requirement.
  12. Only the usual two boards were in evidence when I attended a barbecue on Horsea Island today. The lake looked beautiful and several of us enjoyed a swim in the wonderfully warm water.

    Horsea Lake 19 July 2014 med.jpg

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