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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Brummielad, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Right this is going to sound really bad. I would love to join the marines but the big possiblity of deing is really putting me off.

    Can any of you lads tell me about weather theres a high death rate in the marines etc eithout biting my head off.

    Also do you get good qualifications from the speciallisation you choose
  2. Try paintballing / airsoft skirmishing/reenacting

    all the above might just satisfy your needs to dress up and play and of course there's not much chance of you '' deing''
    The pay is crap and you need to buy your own kit aswell !!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  3. Oh Greenie you bad lad!!
    Hi and welcome BL, unfortunately no one can guarantee your safety.
    All the Corps can do is train you to the highest possible standard and ensure that those that lead you are too, the rest is up to fate.
    At present 40 Commando Royal Marines is 1/2 way through a 6 month tour in Afghanistan and unfortunately have just suffered a fatality.
    Saying that accidents happen in training and civvys get killed crossing the road every day.
    You have to decide for yourself if the risk is outweighed by the benefits.
    Specialisations that have a civilian equivalent can lead to qualifications that are recognised in civvy street.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    For those concerned about the comparative dangers of Combat after completing Commando training & still trying to convince yourself and/or Partners that the Royal Marines are a good job prospect, the following comparison, whilst admittedly not exactly comparing like for like, gives a fair indication of perspective with regard dangerous occupations.

    The number of UK troops killed on operations in Afghanistan since 2001 now stands at 89.
    Of those killed, 26 died from accidents, illness, or non-combat injuries, according to the Ministry of Defence. Of the all-up total, 9 were Royal Marines Commandos.

    British Military Fatalities in Afghanistan since 2001

    UK Construction Industry fatalities have hit their highest rate for five years, according to official Health and Safety Executive figures released in July.
    There were 77 fatal injuries in the year 2006/7, and an estimated 300 since 2001.

    British Construction Industry Fatalities in 2006/7

    Whilst it is extremely important to accept that Royal Marines will serve in areas of conflict, it is equally important to realise that this is exactly what they are trained to do.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    For fcuksake this has got to be a p1sstake,

    "I want to be a steeley eyed bringer of death and be able to walk in the pub and say, hey look at me I'm a Royal Marine Commando but I dont want anyone to hurt me"

    Grow a set of balls and join the girl guides you fcuking woofter.
  6. lol, Sorry, I'm with Blobby on this one. It's either got to be the biggest wind up, or the most stupid thing I've ever heard.

    By signing up for the marines (or any of the forces really) you're accepting that fact that one day you may get slotted. Simple as - and I doubt many people really consider it'll happen. I'd be giving some serious consideration as to whether you're one of the 99.9% that needn't apply.
  7. Nah its nothing like that im 16 and everything about the marines seems to suit me but my mates and parents just keep saying its a death trap i ll be stuck in afgan for years etc and i know i cant walk into the army office and ask these things becuase i ll probably end up with a black eye if a question deing came into it.
  8. What do they do with their lives?

    Yes, we will be in Ganners for years to come. . . it will allow you the chance to do the job you have trained so hard for.

    Surely, it is better to serve your country, with all the associated risks, than to sit on your self-righteous arrse and try putting people off who wish to join and put those which do have the intestinal fortitude to do so down at every chance you get. It is better to live a day as a lion than a lifetime as a mouse and all that. I can understand your parents being cautious about you enlisting but it just sounds like your mukkas are jealous they don’t have the balls to do it. Ask them what they plan to do with their lives, remind them that their choices are monotonous and average, ask them why they’d rather work in McDonalds than be someone special.

    It is your life and your decision; butter your parents up and fcuk the rest. You want to be a bootneck who cares what your mates think now, you’ll make new better mates and in a few years time when there all smackheads you’ll be living a good life. They will be giving it “I wish I joined when Brummielad did,†Crack on fella, thats what I say.
  9. I wouldn't walk into an Army office tho. . .
  10. So stay at home. But beware you might get run over by a bus.....

    Wait a minute! Don't Booties think they are invincable anyway?
  11. ahadoo ta mate only sensible post i ve got back.

    Im not an idiot i do know theres a chance of deing whatever you do just my mates an that keep putting me off i dont want the fear of death hanging over my shoulders when i hand the forms in etc. My dad was in the air force an all he keeps saying is i will be stuck in afgan for years without coming home and i ll constantly regretting it an all this shit and eventually it affects me mentally.

    So all i was doing on here was just trying to find out a little bit of info i wasnt trying to sound cocky or a wimp saying will i die

  12. In the RM you will always end up being in harms way, its what we do. The upside is you will do it with the Best training in the World behind you and a great bunch of oppo's to back you up. Dying is part and parcel of that and most RM on here will know of quite a few mates who have died, your mates at home could quite easilly kill themselves in a car or crossing the road.

    Your dad was RAF, he's right about us in some respects, but I would question how well he knows the RM.

  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a point of interest the RN as well as the RAF are also serving in Afghanistan in relatively large numbers.

    It is anticipated there will be approximately 1000 RN personnel serving in Afghanistan this year.

    Yep, it's 800 miles from the sea but the fact you join the armed forces means if there's an area of conflict, you can expect to go there. It's what we do.
  14. Your only invincible if you wear your green lid :rambo:
  15. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  16. nah matey INT Core or MPGS, real green lids
  17. My advice after reading several of your ridiculous posts is don't even bother to join the elite band of brothers that is my beloved corps. You clearly are clueless and unsuitable to embark on royal marines training and you will be wasting everbodies time including your own.
    To die for your friends in the field is a glorious death, something you will never be able to understand. **** off you whiney little scrote.
  18. Your Dad sounds like a typical mince Crab air type. You also sound like you have PTSD already, Discard the application forms Brummie lad.
  19. With the proper cap badge on and RM flashes (Silky knicks smelling of last traps minge(!!??.)underneath the C95s) all Royals are 6' tall AND bulletproof, even the shortarses.
  20. Too right. When Stan Ridgeway sang about a big Marine called Camouflage, he was really talking about Royal. :toothy7:

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