Information needed, please help.


I have some questions i need answering about the early life in the navy.
I have recently got my start date through to go off to HMS Raleigh, and my fiance'e has some questions that i cannot provide the answers to, so i was wondering if you nice people can help us.

I am joining as an air engineering technician, and i believe i am completing my phase 2 ( trade ) training at HMS Sultan in Fareham, then i am hoping to be posted at HMS Culdrose.
My fiance'e would like to know that during the phase 2 period, would we be able to move in together nearer the base?
I think i remember from talking to my Recruitment officer that you have to complete sometime living with your work colleagues in the mess, but i cant remember at what point in your training you do this?
And also, when i am given a squadron, and posted to where i am needed, how will the navy help in housing us?
We have to consider a 6 year old child and her school life also, so knowing more would be helpful from anyone who has been in a similar situation.

Thanks peeps