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Hi all,

I started my training in January 2010 and am still working through the current training pipeline. So if anyone has any burning questions then go ahead. I'm about to head off on SFT (Specialist Fleet Training) so everything is still fairly fresh in the old noggin.

Feel free to either PM me or reply to this message. I'm here for about a week and able to reply.
You are on watch at sea on a dark and stormy night. The CO cannot be disturbed, XO & your HOD are legless likewise.

An unpleasant but most essential task must be completed, but your concise briefing is scorned by the flippant, seditious, scurrilous, mutinous reprobates who have of drink taken (and that 'tis only the Jennies & Evacuees, BTW......).

Q. Explain briefly how a YO's training to date prepares one for such everyday situations.


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i wnt to join th royal navy but i got athsma, exzema, weak rists, n im 19 stone n 5 ft 2 inchs.

Can i stil join, dya fink theyl make n exeption? Yeh, an wen i wos 15 i got done for smoking pot, lol, dya think theyll mind if i say ill give up if i get in?

n how long are the waitin times? lol

be nice to me, cos im only new n im 16, lol
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