Information Commisisoner on data retention

Reported on Kable and co-incident with this years InfoSec Europe exhibition which finishes today:

Report here

Organisations should cut their stores of personal information to lessen the job of protecting it, according to Richard Thomas

"Data protection to a large extent is about data minimisation," Thomas told the Infosecurity Europe conference in London on 22 April 2008. "Take the missing MoD laptop (reported in January). The media talk about the military person who left the laptop in the back of his car, but there are more fundamental questions.
Must confess I was gob smacked when I was allowed to go to as my current work load is just piling up. To appease the hierarchy, I said that I'd go for just two days. Ended up with coming down with the lurgy so I've been off today and will probably take tomorrow off as well. I really should be in bed sleeping :-(

Amazing to think that yesterday there were 11 people from little old Jersey there. One on a stand and 10 of us visitors. Bizarre to turn a corner and meet someone you know. Also amazing to think that at 9:30 pm on Tuesday night my bag from Heathrow finally turned up at the hotel, a mere 13 hours late. Some numpty took my bag off the carousal at Thiefrow instead of his. Wrong shaped bag, wrong colour bag ... What a plant pot. but at least he must have returned it for them to forward it on.

To be honest, I didn't see anything "new" at Infosec just differing ways of achieving the same thing.

And now I know who Bruce Schneier is. A very intelligent chap.

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