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Hey, I called my local AFCO yesterday to see about the next step as I have now passed all the tests.
I was told he was still waiting for my referance to come through and my security check needed to come back.
He added that he wouldnt be able to continue with anything untill my referance has come in, this I understand and have chased this up with the correct person and it has been sent.
However he wasnt clear on if i needed to wait for my security check to come back also.

Will I have to wait for the security check to come back aswell first before I get my final breifing or can I have that once he gets my last referance?

Also I have a few oustanding debts that im paying off slowly. Would that affect my security check form?
I know that I can meet payments on wages I would get in the navy so that isnt an issue.

And final question, how long can it take for the security check to come back?

Many thanks to all.
Security clearance is normally the last part of the process. Security clearance/checks are conducted by the Defence Vetting Agency (DVA) who will conduct relevant checks appropriate to you joining the navy. When this has been conducted and clearance obtained, the AFCO will bid for a place for you. When your name comes to the top of the list you will be allocated an entry date. Outstanding debts are not necessarily an issue providing you can cope with paying them on your navy salary.


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Ditto that stated by Drakey. At the moment the average security check takes around 8 weeks unless there are overseas checks or additional financial issues requiring further research.

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