Information about HMS COLUMBINE (1901-1907) wanted

Hello alltogether,
propably someone here can provide me with information about the royal navy gunboat HMS COLUMBINE. It was launched 1899 by Stewart & Latham, Blackwell, as steamyacht HIARTA, aquired by the Royal Navy in 1901 and served as gunboat, dispatch vessel and target tender at the North American and West Indian station. It belonged to a Royal Navy squadron, which was employed during the Venezolan crisis 1902-03 against Venezuela together with an imperial German squadron and two cruisers of the Italian Regina Marina. The ship was sold to the governor of Bermuda in 1907 and aquired by Haiti, which used it as gunboat VERTIÉRES from 1908 until 1916.

Jane´s, Brassey and Conway´s do not have information about the vessel. Nevertheless the vessel existed ( -> f.e. Warship Intl 1985, p. 332).

I need information about the displacement, the dimensions, machinery, speed and the armament.
Thank you very much in advance


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Is this the one you mean

According to Colledge's 'Ships of the Royal Navy', as revised by Lt Cdr Ben Warlow, HMS Columbine (ex-Hiarta) was 270 tons and 125.5 ft x 25 ft. I regret there is no further information beyond what you already hold.
I agree somewhat: The lack of information depends on the fact, that HMS COLUMBINE was not a purpose-built warship and a loner. But someone here should have more information about her.

I doubt, that COLUMBINE was equipped with 4inch guns. I know 3 pics of her (2 of which you provided) and in neither is an armament to spot at. I guess she was equipped with Hotchkiss 1-Pounders and 3-Pounders, but I don´t know for sure....
Hi Guys,
I tried to sell one of the pictures, WreckerL showed here, from the Nova Scotia tourist board, and they wanted to fine me some 100 Canadian Dollars and I thought ????

This shitty old auxiliary gunboat isn´t worth it.

On the other hand: Is there anywhere in the web a photography of the vessel with no copyright on it? And: Can anyone of you guys on the forum here provide more information about the yacht.

Remember: It was used as a commissioned Royal Navy ship even in a conflict ( the Venezolan blockade 1902-03). I therefore should exspect, that some of you can provide the information requested.
I very much look forward to it.
Greets...Ekke from Germany

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