Info required, son going for his Psychometric test.


After any help that will assist my son when he goes for his Psychometric test 8O .

Secondly what happens after this?


Fittness test? 1 and half miles in 12 min


Start training?

He is nearly 18 and is looking at joining as a Logistics Officer.

Thanks :)
According to my "ROYAL NAVY AND ROYAL MARINES; A guide to careers in the Royal Navy" bookley from the AFCO:

Selection interview
Medical and eye test
Specialist brancg interviews/auditions/test (if required)
Security and reference checks
Admiralty interview board (AIB).[ This is the navy's officer selection board. ]
Start initial training.

Before anyone tells me I'm wrong, I got this from the guide. I'm not sure, but I think the PJFT is around the same time as the medical isn't it?

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