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Hello to all names Damien 33 yrs old, right down to the point @ 15 yrs old I went to Afco about to sign and was told no as I hD asthma which I actually never used an inhaler as think doc diagnosed me wrong , so was absolutely gutted as that was the most important thing I Eva wanted to do in my young life, so was gutted to hell when my cousin joined up 4 years ago anyways he told me I can join up as I never had an attack so that's exactly what I did went down and did it all, and yep passed my eye test with more than perfect eyesight medical passed, fitness test passed, but now I'm alittle concerned as 3 yrs ago had an acl recon surgery on left knee, but my stability is sweet no probs do weights n squats etc, so my question is this have personnel who joined had acl recon surgery and how did u find the 10 training ???

any info will be greatly appreciated



Not wanting to state the obvious but you said you'd passed your medical, so does this really matter?

ACL reconstruction would make you liable for reassessment as it depends on the type of surgery and how we think your knee is now (not how you think it is), but you may have slipped under the radar. Did you tell the truth in your medical form or did you lie about your knee?

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Well that's what the boots optical employee told me about my eye sight so anyways no need for stupid comments ppl, anyways bck to the question. In hand no I didn't tell them as it asked if I had being in hospital in the past 2 years and I had it done 3 years ago,, so again if anyone has had this operation done how did u find the ten wk basic training please


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#15 I didn't tell them as it asked if I had being in hospital in the past 2 years and I had it done 3 years ago,,
Not correct.

The first question on the medical questionnaire is "Do you have a history of attendance at hospital for illness, injury or operations?"

If you have not declared ACL reconstruction then it is a fraudulent application & you can face prosecution & dismissal. If you did declare it on the medical questionnaire & were passed fit to enter, it isn't an issue.


Ninja is, as ever, 100% correct. Sounds like you have lied on your form, intentionally or not. These things are almost always picked up - ok, occasionally one will slip through, but bear in mind that if you are found out you will be fast-tracked out with no chance of re-entering as your integrity is shot to ****.

I'd advise getting in touch with your AFCO ASAP. Having a repair is not necessarily a bar to entry but lying is most certainly a major issue.

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Well the question did state have I hospitalised in last 2 years ..... I had it done in last 3 so I was true full but if it's best that I ring them then that's what I will do BUT I actually thought this was an ADULT forum but from pols comments it seems it's a forum for immature slack jawed mouth breathers so thanks for the info to the mature members who replied ....

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