info on the marines from marines please!!!


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If you do a Wren does it just mean/go to prove that you were too lazy to have a ****?

I saw two pissed-up chiefs come to blows after one came out with that statement. :boxing:
Turns out the other one was married to a Wren and had a sense of humour failure.

Funny as **** and of course nobody EVER came out with such a phrase EVER again :roll: :angel9:


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Shag Shacker; one of the few ways to become an honorary Royal Marine is to become King of Norway. Your (note spelling) suggestions are more difficult.

Was there anything else?


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I think the biggest bite was post #11.....


'Tis gen Royal, you had it easy. Nowt else to do but crack on whereas your average RMR recruit is cracking a full day at work only to enjoy a damn good thrashing on a drill night or all weekend! If I had a Pound for every ex reg who arrived telling us all about real life in the Corps but then struggling to keep up with the pace of work on a weekend. They soon called it a day. I had no idea what a make and mend was till I spent a relaxing 4 weeks at Bickleigh... (can I stop yet!?)
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