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info on the marines from marines please!!!

You get through training by every day sucking it up and having the courage not to quit. Or, you get through training everyday by soaking up the blows and being to afraid to admit failure and quit. Whatever suits, both methods work.


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Gee thanks for those decent replies... Anyway shacker just had a few questions on what its like through training i know its hard but how do you all get through it and come out the other side a rm? Have you.been on tour?

I'm looking forward to Shackers words of wisdom, in reply to these questions.^_^


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This bloke seems to know his stuff about the Commandos too: Robert Mitchell - ARRSEpedia

Thread steal, sorry;

A couple of weeks ago Mitchell was told that he must resign as Secretary and, as far as I am aware, from the RNA. He was also told, in no uncertain terms, that he must never wear the Green Beret or any medals other than the St John’s Ambulance one again. Dartmouth is a pretty small town and it will be a long time before he can show his face on the streets again. Source OAMAAM.

Back on thread


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If you do a Wren does it just mean/go to prove that you were too lazy to have a ****?

I saw two pissed-up chiefs come to blows after one came out with that statement. :boxing:
Turns out the other one was married to a Wren and had a sense of humour failure.

Funny as **** and of course nobody EVER came out with such a phrase EVER again :roll: :angel9:


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Shag Shacker; one of the few ways to become an honorary Royal Marine is to become King of Norway. Your (note spelling) suggestions are more difficult.

Was there anything else?


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I think the biggest bite was post #11.....


'Tis gen Royal, you had it easy. Nowt else to do but crack on whereas your average RMR recruit is cracking a full day at work only to enjoy a damn good thrashing on a drill night or all weekend! If I had a Pound for every ex reg who arrived telling us all about real life in the Corps but then struggling to keep up with the pace of work on a weekend. They soon called it a day. I had no idea what a make and mend was till I spent a relaxing 4 weeks at Bickleigh... (can I stop yet!?)
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