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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dysan, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. Im looking for any Info On SUB Medical Assistance, any think to do with the job and training. I have been struggling to find out any think about the training and what the Job is like other than what is on the RN web site which I find very vague any info would be welcomed.
  2. Do you mean Medical Assistants (Submarines)?
  3. I'm not a submariner or an MA, but I have worked with quite a few (although never in a steely black tube of death). The role of an MA(SM) is very different to that of a surface MA, in that you have lots of health physics stuff to do (which I don't understand as I decided I fancied a tan during my general duties). If you're not actually in a submarine then your job will be the same as any other MA - you may still be drafted to a shore establishment or even a surface ship!

    To be honest you may get more joy visiting your local AFCO. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  4. I echo what Angrydoc says. If you are crap at maths and science MA S/M may not be for you; you will probably spend more time monitoring the submarine's atmosphere than you would doing "medical" things. I may be wrong so wait until a MA S/M pops up to tell you more about it.
  5. Thanks Guys I have spoken to the AFCO but they just tell me what is on the leaflet they hand you (not very useful if you ask me) MA (SM) people seem quit far and few between.

    All I can find out is that you train at Raliegh, then you go to Aldershot for 20 week and then finally to HMS Sultan the only problem is they wont tell you any think that you do at Aldershot other than you may work in a hospital for a bit
  6. You would train as a general MA first, which means anatomy and physiology, nursing, first aid, diseases and conditions, hygeine, combat medicine, field medicine, medical administration, storekeeping, basic pharmacy and much more besides. You would have to pass examinations at all phases of your training. After successful completion of your MA training you would gain the Red Cross (Geneva Cross) Badge on your right arm and you would then be drafted to a MA billet to gain some experience. After all this you can then volunteer for submarines and, if accepted, you would go to the Institute of Naval Medicine in Alverstoke in Gosport for MA S/M training in radiation monitoring and atmosphere control amongst other things. You would also receive general submarine training in submarine systems and escape so that you would not be a liability. You would then serve in a submarine and complete your training, finally being awarded your Dolphins.

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