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hi, i am thinking of joining the RFA in a few yrs when i retire from my current job as a firefighter after 20 yrs service. my only problem being back in 1996 i was discharged from the army for failing a CDT. a result of a stupid night out post deployment.. do you think this will affect my chances of joining.

cheers in advance


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Just spoken to RFA Recruitment on this issue & was surprised to learn that a positive CDT in the Armed Forces, even 20 years back, would be a bar to joining the RFA unfortunately.

They will require your former service discharge documentation.
Hmmm cheers for chasing up the issue. Strange u can work for a government based organisation like the fire brigade fir twenty yrs yet still be barred from joining. Yet with a spent criminal conviction you still can..the irony of red tape and not individual cases ...
I shall just forget to mention I was in the army and just mention my time in the RN.
True but if I tell em the truth I won't get in so for me I think its worth a try. Dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. ..still got a few yrs before I retire so will
there is def a chance of that. but also a chance they its a few yrs away yet i shall bide my time and see what happens in the future
Don't bother trying to cheat the system because it won't work stick to saving cats on trees unless they changed rules. During my SC my father's birth place was flagged up because I said he was British but he was born in Hamburg. So I am sure they will find a log of your failed CDT in some backroom of a office somewhere.
we still get cats from trees. but that will cease soon due to budgets.......if they find out they will say no and if they dont , then great. ive nthing to lose on that front really...apart from a major shake up of my retirement plans
im fully aware that anybody can read the forum....thanks for that snippet of information. and if they work out who i am fair play to them..they should get a pay rise.....


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For those unaware, service numbers are issued/allocated by one's National Insurance Number. Those joining today would have the same service number allocated across all three services, but those who maybe served in different arms previously will probably have different service numbers - linked to the one NI number. The reason? In case they change their name by adoption, deed poll, marriage, etc.


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I'm 26 year served LAF&RS and the first point is we're council workers not HM Gov employees, I thought you'd realise this after you time in. I'm involved in fire service recruitment and it only asks for civvie offences not military. hence why you've never had to declare you drug taking.
Secondly, there's no random CDT in the F&RS, not I'm aware of anyway, so drug taking is a real possibility for some FF's. But when they're only doing shift work back home in between the risk is much lower. Eg if you feel Shoite after smoking some weed the night before you can book sick and not come in/go home. It's very different in the forces. Just to confirm I'm ex Andrew before Fire.
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