Info on NA(AC) - please help

Hi all,

Can anyone help? I am looking for information on the NA(AC) branch. I have spent 4 years as a OM(C) / AB(CIS) or whatever it is called now! I left in 2007 but now that my other half has joined the civi-street ranks (loafing bas*ard). I plan to rejoin what is left of the navy.

If any one can help (WAFUs this is one for you). I would like to ask:

What are the day to day roles and duties of an NA(AC)?
What is the frequency of deployments?
What civi quals would I get?
Where would a sprog be drafted at first?


Do WAFUs really get issued deck chairs? LOL
Thanks for any help guys. :D
Day to day as an AB in the AC branch varies, though you'll be drinking plenty of tea and eating a lot of doughnuts. Your first 12 months (minimum) will be in the tower at either Culdrose or Yeovilton (deck chairs to be signed out from the SE section) working as an air traffic assistant, it's not a sexy job, you'll be managing aircraft movement logs, working the ATC switchboard and working regularly in the radar room helping out the approach and talkdown controllers.

Deployments wise, as an AB, you'll be drafted to a ships company after your year in a tower and will go wherever that ship goes (this part you'll be more than familiar with, bring your own paint scraper). After this year you'll be sent off to Yeovilton for LACs course on completion of which you'll get your hooks. At this point you'll (probably) head off to either 815 sqn or 829 sqn and get shafted royally for every shit sea job going.

Civilian qualifications are thin on the ground, I believe there's an NVQ that comes with part 2/3 training now, but it's not even worth the paper it's printed on, there is NO possibility of picking up any kind of civilian accreditation regarding controlling within the RN at the moment.

Hope that lot helps!

P.S. The job is really quite good fun, the year at an air station is tabbed out beyond belief, and you'll have the best branch badge in NATO. Ignore my dripping, I could be given a million quid and I'd drip about the tax.
Thanks for that infomation. It has helped me alot, looking at the website just reminds of how the job descriptions on their website are not has accurate to what they may seem.

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