Info on Intel branch - Army or RNR?

32 and an in-house legal counsel for a large company. It sounds fancy, but you are generally analysing large quantities of information in a short amount of time to advise the company on the best course of action to take on certain activities. It seemed a good fit with Int.
What the army is doing today, it won't be doing tomorrow. The Afghan draw down will reduce tempo, and they will concentrate on contingent operations.
Pas for the Senior Service, it would be unwise to state that today's task will be the same as tomorrow, however there is more chance of a form of status quo with the RN/RNR.
The advantage I can see with the RNR option, is that we are smaller and more beautifully formed - yes we have snags, but being smaller, we can grip them more easy, the same cannot be said for Percy.

Have a a crack at the RNR, after all, every girl loves a sailor!


NC, it seems you are being given conflicting advice, but then what did you expect from a forum like this?
The thing is,as PT says, you need to decide what interests you more? Navy stuff (mines,submarines etc) or Army stuff, (where the enemy keep the fodder for their cavalry).
If you decide Navy then sure NEWS FLASH! the RNR is not perfect, but then neither is the AR.
The RNR is developing their capability but still embryonic by comparison with the British Army. I understand that a number of int specialists from the RNR have mobilised to good effect. As far as ongoing, rewarding work is concerned, well I don't see us going to war with anyone again soon but int support to humanitarian ops, global deployments etc are always on the cards. A different sort of int. to what the British army do.
As far as promotion is concerned, well, both organisations are expanding and a demographic bulge is going through. You are well placed in both instances.
Hope this helps
by they way, don't let the int.-intel. Debate cloud your judgement. **** retention is a speciality not confined to the Senior Service.
A different sort of int. to what the British army do.

Thanks for the info (or should that be inf?! ;-)).

That is the key, I am trying to work out if the AR Int. role is different to the RNR Int. role. I thought as the role is not specifically sea related then they would be generally the same (apart from the odd occasion where you have to be in the ops room on a ship).

The AR website has a ton of information but the RNR is pretty light.


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If anyone can shed any light I would be grateful. I went to my local recruitment night, but unfortunately the night was cut short so didn't manage to drill down into the details.

It might be a good idea to ask whether you can go to the next one, for further discussion.