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Hello everybody I was hoping someone could give me a little more info on aet. I would like to know after the 6 months training at gosport where they are likely to be based? At Sea? At a land base? Also I was wondering after I finishing the prnc how long the waiting list to join would be?

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After phase 2a, you'll go on to phase 2b which will either see you at HMS culdrose or HMS yeovilton depending on what aircraft you specialize on.
I spent a few years down culdrose , working on sea kings 1997 2001 and there's a few things to remember.
It's fuckin miles away from everywhere (20 miles from lands end) so you feel a little isolated from the rest of the country . In the summer it's lovely with plenty to do but in the winter it's bleak and not much going on. Its probably changed now but back then the nearest cinema was 12-14 miles away, the nearest half decent nightclub 12 miles away the nearest macdonalds was the same etc.
It depends what you wanna do. If you fancy living like a bootneck then join the junglies circuit working on 45 or 46 commando sqdn based on Yeovil. If you pick merlin then your gonna be on a large squadron of 7-10 aircraft that attaches to carriers/ heli ships which is what I done done, 814 sqdn on the invincible for almost 3 years. This consisted of 2 12 hour watches on board days and nights with a swap over mid trip. Then there's lynx flights that attach to.small ships frigates and destroyers. These flights only have one aircraft and a small team who Work around the clock if need be. If I had my time again I think I would choose lynx flight, due to better and more frequent stops alongside, closer nit team, integrate better with the ships company etc
After Sultan your part 4 or task book training used to be 6 months, then give at least another year or so on a 2nd line sqdn for experience before you go to sea. That was 15 years ago mind so it may well of changed. After part 4 training when you are able to take your exam to enable you to go on the rota for leading hands course then do it as early as you can cause you get a considerable pay rise aswell as gaining your hooks sooner.
What is this an England lesson? Ffs you try and help a nozzer out and get the red pen treatment (see me after class)    
What is this an England lesson? Ffs you try and help a nozzer out and get the red pen treatment (see me after class)    
Are we allowed to called them nozzers still? Don't want the PC Brigade calling ......

Not that I ever heard it used in 23 years of service!!!

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