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Hello, i am a parent of a sailor who is about to go on her first deployment from Portsmouth.....does anyone know if there are any restrictions about waving off the ship ? for example are number of people limited ? where is the best place to stand ? etc.....I have asked my daughter but nothing is forthcoming .....!!!!

Many thanks

Lol !
It wont matter where I stand as Im sure they will have to peel me off the back of the ship anway.....its my only child leaving.
Bet when she comes home after deployment that there will be some sea stories to tell..................but some she will keep to herself:giggle:
Oh God ! I hate to think !!.....but really , im just hoping she will be safe and have things she wont tell me....My poor mother still hasnt gotten over my confessions of my teenage years ! My Dad was in the Navy......there was always a secrecy around whatever shenanigans they got up to ! we were fascinated as kids.


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Just to let you know the Officer of the Day got us passes to see the Richmond in the moring before departure. We got to say goodbye thank god and our daughter showed us around the ship . Great day sort of but standing on the round fort was much harder, seeing them disapear into the mist . Great view though . Thank you all, now is just the wait until they come home, hopefully febuary .

Ive put a quick vid up on you tube if anyone is interested in seeing the Richmond leaving Portsmouth on monday HMS Richmond 5th august deployment - YouTube

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