info from any ex mine warfare specialist or Hydrographic Meteorological specialist

dear gents

I am just about to apply for the navy and wanted to join as a mine warfare specialist I have read the broacher on the navy web sit about this but was wondering if there was any body on here who serves or served as this role that can give me an inside more to it and is it a good role to go for also when time comes to leave the qualifications what I can achieve doing this as role can they be used on civvie street as I am ex army and when I left the infantry didn't really have any thing to fall back on any help or info on this would be great also my second choice is Hydrographic Meteorological & Oceanographic Specialist so same question for that to thanks in advance

There was a thread not long ago called something like 'mine warfare without the guff', if you use the searchbar top right of the screen it will come up. Quite a lot of opinions/information there :) also thats an epically long sentence!
I was HM and I fully recommend it, great ships and interesting work is available from early in your career. Lots of sea time and good varitation in choice of role. Great quals and opportunities on the outside.

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