Info=Free beer, women & massage.

Ok, now that you're looking, I am interested in joining the RNR. From what I have seen the General Service Seaman (Reserve) interests me greatly. I really fancy the SPT. I am a serving police officer and served with the Royal Signals 15 years ago. I live in East Lothian.
I would be grateful for any information, i.e. the order of what happens from here & what's involved in getting into the SPT (is it not likely/oversubscribed?).
Cheers in advance chaps!
P.s. There's not really any free beer.


War Hero
OK, so it got me to look - Mr Gullible. Not that it hasn't been done many times before...

GSSR really seems to be attracting some interest with SPO teams. There's a current thread here .

Can anybody from GSSR answer some of the questions on the other thread, OPSEC permitting, as this is the 3rd person in the short life of this site asking about joining GSSR,

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