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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GlennMclaird, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. Just passed my PJFT so nothing left to due but wait. Called my afco in cambs and was told the next batch of WS's are being pushed through Jan 2014. Just thought I would let you guys know incase anyone wanted to know the times for this branch. Sorry if someone already made a thread for this.
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Those being allocated an entry date in January 2014 will, in the main, have already started the selection process and passed the recruiting test in 2011.
  3. Do** sorry and im a bit confused on the timescale. I applied last year and have done the medical, PJFT, personal interview and phycometric tests and all passed them. I spoke to AFCO and was told jan 14 was the next batch. Would I already have more information if I was to be put in with this batch? I cant think of anything else I need to do besides stay in good physical shape because there are no other stages for me to pass? sorry to ask but a bit confused on the timescale as ive said.
  4. Have you done security clearance? Usually comes after the interview but the order has changed recently i think. I am in the same position as in i am just awaiting an entry date- from what people have told me at the AFCO and that just keep fitness up and improving, and they will be in touch when they have news of a date for PRNC and that. Won't hurt to call in occassionally and ask what the latest information is regarding wait times. Be prepared to wait though...

    And wait a bit longer...

    Then wait for some...

    More waiting...

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  5. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Reading your initial post it looks as though you have been told when the next entry of you branch is, it doesn't mean that you will be in it of course. Have a look at the When are you going to HMS Raleigh thread it might be of some help
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  6. ill have a look at that thread, cheers janner
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The way to look at it is simply that there are a finite number of jobs available.

    As oft stated, there are more students attending Manchester Metropolitan University than currently serving in the entire Royal Navy, Royal Marines & their respective Reserve units. Some serve in the Navy for thirty-odd years, some leave much sooner, as is their right (average is 6 years) & we try to match output with input, assuming the manning requirement remains static - if not many are leaving, not many are required to replace them.

    It's appreciated waiting times are a pain, but the Naval Service chooses to process applicants and advise successful candidates of the expected wait to join at the point of application. Times can extend and compress and are very difficult to guess accurately. The other way of doing it, as the RAF do, is to only open and close branches to recruiting when vacancies are imminent. They then process applicants and select the very best of the first to apply, fill the posts, then close the door to recruiting in that trade.
  8. i waited just over 3 years to get my start date at Raleigh for a WS, and most of the WS i know waited around the same sort of time, every year the AFCO would say should be around 12 months but the reality is around 3 years
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    All the AFCO can advise is the anticipated wait as advised in the monthly sitrep from HQ. At present about 40% of those offered an entry date are turning down the provisional offer of service in the "long wait" branches - quite understandably, their circumstances change & they decide not to join. Until the job offer lands on the mat, we cannot predict whether the applicant who applied a couple of years back still wants a job.

    What HQ try to do is allocate entry dates a couple of terms ahead so the individual has an offer of service about 9 months before they actually join and we can hopefully better judge numbers required vs successful applicants awaiting entry.

    Anyone who applies to join, is informed it's a year or more expected wait, is advised to get a job or continue their education in the interim. Some do nothing, choose to sit on their arse and bleat about how long they've been waiting, then fail the fitness assessments on PRNC & lose the job too.
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  10. Very True Ninja a few people failed at my PRNC, but most people passed everything ok, i just wanted to state that i wasn't moaning about the time and i have improved my fitness immensely, just wanted to inform the people about the reality of the waiting times.

    but saying that i also know a few people who got a start date after about 10 months
  11. Long as you don't 'pause' your life waiting it isn't so bad- get a job, keep your social life afloat, use the time to do things that you want to do, and a lot of fitness stuff. Before i found a job it was more of an issue as i was so bored and had no money to do anything, but now it ain't so bad. Although if the times did decrease i wouldn't complain :p worth sticking to a trade you actually want to do i imagine though rather than going for one with a shorter wait just to get in quicker.
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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I think we agree.

    It beggars belief that someone would be daft enough to fail their PRNC due to fitness, but the next paragraph helps explain how it can happen and why we try to stress it is important to keep your phys "ticking-over" whilst waiting:

    If we have 40 places on a Warfare Specialist entry at Raleigh, for example, and only 24 people take the job offer then the next 16 people on the waiting list for that entire branch will be allocated to that entry. Some of that 16 could have taken the test and completed selection over 2 years ago, some maybe as recently as a year or even less. But, if they've spent that time eating pies because they think they've ages to wait, they could well fail PRNC if a short notice entry crops-up.
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  13. You still need to do your PRNC and pass the fitness test and swimming test whilst you are there.
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  14. cheers for the info guys. Im not that bothered about the long wait. I would obviously love a shorter wait but this gives me time to keep my fitness up and get some money together in my job. Although i passed the 2.4 run in a relativly ok time 10:13 im no where near happy with my fitness and there is lots of time to improve. Will i get the PRNC when I get a date for Raleigh?
  15. Yeah you will get a PRNC date when you are given a date for Raleigh, the PRNC is about 3 - 4 months before your Raleigh date.
  16. totally get where everyone is coming from and as a friend said to me a while ago it is a marthon not a sprint
  17. Anyone got their dates yet?
  18. nothing yet mate why you joining?

  19. Passed my RT in December 11 and was told I'd have a 24 month wait and this would make it 25. You?
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  20. passed my RT in June 12 and was told 30 months

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