Inflation busting pay rise?

Several points on this:

1. Regarding promotion from LH to PO, remember by the Pay 2000 rules you get a pay rise of at least two per cent on promotion. There fore a level 9 LH would probably go in to say level 2/3 at PO.

2. Remember that the guys in theatre also get the taxfree bonus, coming to about £1000 for a ten week trip.


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Well that's a few extra beers per hour - Bonus! :D

You'll also be pleased and grateful no doubt to hear we've all got a few extra shekels, thanks to the efforts of the SUN newspaper and it's campaign,,2-2007100132,00.html

LOW-paid troops have emerged the winners in a tough round of public sector pay rises — after a campaign by The Sun.
There's only one small problemette. I can't for the life of me, remember a campaign by the Sun to this end?

Can anyone help me here, as I'd like to thank the Sun, but not finding any evidence of ANY campaign has me stumped , and I don't wish to appear ungrateful.


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The Sun said:
"The move comes after The Sun put huge pressure on ministers to give Our Boys more cash"

When? :shock:


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It is the same vexing question that perplexes me CT. I must have missed it, or anyone making a post on it?

Curiouser and curioser


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JunglyDaz said:
....remember by the Pay 2000 rules you get a pay rise of at least two per cent on promotion......
I knew there was something bugging me about this and I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was. But when the complaint is Pay2K is crap people don't let facts get in the way.

OTOH Lamri has a good point about the impact on morale with killicks getting more than newbie POs, it's not good. But equally we have to adequately compensate people even when they're not suitable for advancement, either through desire or capacity, unless we want to end up in the same situation as the crabs, booting people out if they don't make the next rank, which means we lose a lot of that corporate knowledge.

I know this is diving off into Pay2Kland rather than BelowTheRateofInflationPayriseland, but we are in a difficult situation when we look at parity with the other services.

I think the issue with pay is that there will always be someone unhappy, and the point above about the total package being pretty good is valid, but it does depend on ones specialisation and rank. I know in my field the package is below average, from a fairly low level but in some areas it's better than one could expect outside until one gets to a fair seniority as a chief, or WO.


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Just got a txt from an oppo telling me that we are entitled to 9.2% pay rise.
To say the least i am over the moon.
Join ship in 2 weeks so stop paying food and acom too. Finaly going to be worth joing in financal terms

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