Infection, advice please

Hi guys, I join raleigh next sun (23rd), really excited/nervous at the same time. I beleive there is a dental check on day two, one thing im concerned of is this, I just had a tooth extracted on tuesday, the gum is infected, i'm currently at sea with my current job which i finish tomorrow so will go see my doctor asap for some antibiotics, i will obviuosly need to bring these to raleigh and carry on taking them there, i just hope i pass through the dental check if i still have an infection, also if i am taking antibiotics do i have to bring a "doctors note" as to why im taking them.

kind regards

As long as you feel fit enough to do the training I would still go down to Raleigh. Take the tablets with you and explain to the staff why you are taking them. Yes you will get a dental check on joining, but as long as you are being treated there shouldn't be any problem.



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