Ineligble for entry into Naval Service!

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Skanza, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Skanza

    Skanza New member

    I got a letter from Commodore J Patrick, Director of Naval Recruitment, saying due to my nationality I am not able to apply to the Naval Service.!

    Also stated that I have to have been born in the UK.

    However I spoke to a recruiter on the phone and he said dual nationalities is ALLOWED!.

    Is this just a way of denying me even though I am eligble?

    I live in the MIDDLE-EAST so maybe they wasn't bothered with those lamo security checks or something?

    On the Royal Navy Site:

    it says dual nationality...

    i am so confused, and if this is the case, my life long dreams of joining the navy is shattered :(

    please tell me there is a way around this!

  2. Squirrel

    Squirrel Badgeman

    What is your other nationality mate?

    I'm no expert here, but I think that cases of dual nationality are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Skanza

    Skanza New member

    Norwegian!! I would have thought it was ok.

    I spoke to a fellow EX Naval Fleet Air Arm officer and said that having a dual nationality with Norway would be greatly accepted since i speak both languages, and because of the artic training in norway...
  4. Squirrel

    Squirrel Badgeman

    I have to say mate, I would have thought that Norwegian would have been fine. I have encountered several guys with dual nationality in the RN and RM from South African to Spanish to Turkish, so I really don't see why you've had this problem.
  5. Skanza

    Skanza New member

    I think it could have been a confusion when requesting information, i think i recall putting in the wrong information somwhere...

    hopefully that was the case.

    thanks! :)
  6. hammockhead

    hammockhead New member

    I think there might be some confusion. See Link

    As long as one of your nationalities is British, you are eligible for nearly all officer branches - the only branch that does not allow dual nationality is submarines.
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I know of a dual Brit/Finn Officer in the RN and I can also say with some knowledge that dual nationals in certain branches are looked at on a case by case basis.
  8. Jenny_Dabber

    Jenny_Dabber New member

    Dual passports yes, aslong as one of them is a Brit.

    Edited to add: Are they still banning Dual passport serving members from working or having trades in branches that deal with high security things?
  9. Skanza

    Skanza New member

    Thanks so much for these responses! :)
  10. Squirrel

    Squirrel Badgeman

    I know that the CT branch will allow you a DV security clearance with CERTAIN dual nationality passports. The problem is that it may limit the drafts you can have. Some of the Agencies that you can be drafted to as a CT require further security clearances that may cause problems if you have dual nationality.
  11. Always_a_Civvy

    Always_a_Civvy Supporter - ADC

    They can't ban you cause your part Norwegian! That's an outrage! It might be something to do with having dual nationality with two kingdoms. I know when I thought of taking out dual British-Danish nationality some years ago I was told it might cause me all sorts of problems because of this - even though our Queen is related to the Danish Royal Family, and therefore of course to the Norwegian Royal Family (HÃ¥kon being a Dane anyway).

    Check with the RN - you might also want to check with the Military Attache at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.


    PS: Surely you can speak all three languages: English, official and new Norwegian?
  12. sludgemariner

    sludgemariner New member

    I think there are also residency restrections, ie you must have lived in the UK for x of y years.
  13. simonjgriffithshr

    simonjgriffithshr New member

    Residency restrictions (taken from web-site) are:

    In addition, whether or not you are of UK origin, you should (normally) have resided in the UK for a minimum of three years immediately prior to making an application. In certain circumstances, particularly when an applicant is of UK origin, or the country of residence is one where security checks can be carried out, a shorter period of residence may be accepted.

    I would suggest that 'normally' implies that there is some lea-way there for certain circumstances.

    Keep on it though.
  14. hammockhead

    hammockhead New member

    Yes, the problem may be that living in the Middle East they can't security vet you adequately.
  15. snapdragon

    snapdragon New member

    I thought only some trades allowed dual nationality?

    It seems like all this can be overcome if you put yourself in the right place at the right time, ie. the UK, for a few years. I'm not convinced living in the Middle East would help matters to be honest...

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