Indoor volleyball.

During the 00's I suffered from chronic insomnia so watched quite a bit of late night TV.
Jerry Springer US , gay couple , let's call them Bert & Fred , Bert accused Fred of playing away , loads of bitching when enter stage left Jim who sat down and made a gesture at his crutch like a volleyball set up shot ie
both arms together , Bert went ballistic and attacked Jim , bouncers stepped in. Then it struck home......
not one arm fis**ng but two together ! , which begs the question how big would their butt plugs be if they did this on a regular basis ?. Bannister finial ? ,

empty 4.5 shell casing cut down and tarted up ?. Ideas ?.
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S'pose these folks never suffer constipation , allegedly plum in mouth Joanna Lumley wears a plug , spent time as an'escort' before hitting the big time.
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